Chapter 345: Torture, small knife (Part 1)

Xiao Tianyao seems to be arranging all the things in the capital right now. He gave orders to Su Cha and Liu Bai one by one. The two of them had enough on their hands, but… …

Xiao Tianyao didn’t let them go. Su Cha just finished looking the matter regarding Mo Yuer, but now, it was the Ci Entang: “Did you find out who pushed the matter about Ci Entang to Imperial Concubine Zhou?”

Xiao Tianyao handed this matter to Su Cha. But when Su Cha heard Xiao Tianyao’s question, he acted like a dead.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t let Su Cha go, he asked: “What? Did you forget to check or not?”

“I can’t find it out.” Forgetting was easy, but it happened that he checked things out. However, the result was nothing.

Su Cha said with a depressed looked in the face: “Nothing looks abnormal, no one forced her behind the scene. Everything seems like a coincidence.”

But, that’s what strange about it!

How could the incident on the court coincidentally fall in the hands of Imperial Concubine Zhou?

Everyone knows that the person who was the most qualified to take over the Ci Entang is no other than the Empress. So, if there was no proposal of the palace ministers and the empress, how can it just fall to Imperial Concubine Zhou? Unless… …

“I suspect that Imperial Concubine Zhou or Third Prince Xiao Zian made a special arrangement. Third Prince’s body now has recovered, he can join the matter in the court now. If Imperial Concubine Zhou handle the matter of Ci Entang, and the people’s view change about it, it will extremely beneficial to the Third Prince.” To have this kind of inference was not unexpected. After all, the palace ministers allowed Imperial Concubine Zhou to handle this matter about the Ci Entang.

Not to mention, not only Su Cha, but even the emperor thinks the same. He was thinking that Imperial Concubine Zhou deliberately using this matter so that Third Prince Xiao Zian can smoothly enter the people’s heart, but… …

When they checked this matter, they couldn’t find any lead of connection. They don’t know if Imperial Concubine Zhou was hiding her actions deeply, or she was pushed in this pit.

Xiao Tianyao pondered for a moment, then said: “This is not Imperial Concubine Zhou’s doing, she is not so stupid.” The purpose was too obvious, other people can see it in a glance.

“It is not impossible that she deliberately doing this.” Su Cha can’t think of anyone else other than Imperial Concubine Zhou.

Xiao Tianyao shook his head but didn’t explain. He only said: “You check the harem, this matter about Imperial Concubine Zhou must be related to a woman in the harem.”

“I will definitely check out this matter.” The people behind the scenes of Ci Entang were so deeply hidden that they failed to find it out, so Su Cha was uneasy.

Aside from the things about Ci Entang, the only things left were Lin Furen and Princess Nannuo Yao. This matter was assigned by Xiao Tianyao to the shadow guards, so Su Cha and Liu Bai don’t need to take care of this. Xiao Tianyao just ordered Su Cha to maintain contact to the Hua Family of the Central Empire, for them to pick up the baby as soon as possible.

The child was rescued by Lin Chujiu. As long as the Hua Family appeared in the capital, this matter will definitely be revealed. At that moment, Lin Chujiu will have another protection.

Everything Xiao Tianyao said tonight was related to Lin Chujiu. Every decision he made was for Lin Chujiu’s safety.

With this, Su Cha couldn’t help but say: “Tianyao, didn’t you say you wanted Wangfei to grow up and learn how to deal with the sudden crisis? If you will fix everything for her, what crisis will she still be facing?”

“She should have the ability to cope up with a sudden danger, but it doesn’t mean benwang knowing there is danger ahead, will not make arrangements in advance.” Xiao Tianyao said without hesitation.

Xiao Tianyao said rationally, but Su Cha couldn’t believe it: “I’ve never seen you so nervous before.”

“Benwang is not nervous now.” He was just pushing away the possible danger.

“… …” Su Cha was speechless.

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  1. I wanted to know how TXY would react if received the news that the LCJ is dead at some point …
    I want to see XTY suffer with this!

    1. No better, she should give him an ultimatum. Three options, either you finally listen to me and try where I am coming from and what I need for out relationship, second you let me leave and we going different ways in life. 3rd kill me here and know with your own hands.

      I would really like to see his reaction

  2. Finally, we see him making an effort for her and not just using her :). Now if he could just talk to her about it. XTY communication is key!

    been binge watching story of ming lang like you suggested Ai Hrist ^^ Slow beginning but it gets good I must say 🙂

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