Chapter 350: Disgrace, offending the dead (Part 1)

The banquet officially began. Xiao Tianyao specially set up two tables with a screen in between. Lin Chujiu and Lin Wanting were both women, so they stayed on the other side of the screen. While Xiao Tianyao entertained Ji Fengyu, the Crown Prince, Xiao Zian and the Seventh Prince.

Seeing this arrangement, the Crown Prince’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He couldn’t understand Xiao Tianyao’s intention in doing this, but he didn’t dare to question him.

Liu Bai calculated the time just right. When Xiao Tianyao and others were about to move their chopsticks, Nannuo Yao’s arrival was announced by the servant.

“I’m sorry, I’m late.” Nannuo Yao’s face doesn’t look so good, her clothes looked dirty and a bit stinky.

Whoever was trapped in the afternoon until the sky gets dark, would never be in a good mood.

Nannuo Yao was so sure that Lin Chujiu deliberately trapped her to embarrass her.

At this moment, Xiao Tianyao should greet Nannuo Yao, so that she could take a seat, but … …

Xiao Tianyao completely ignored her. He looked at his chopsticks and slowly picked it up. He didn’t put Nannuo Yao in his eyes.

Ji Fengyu’s mouth twitched but acted like he didn’t see anything. Xiao Zian turned his head to the side and talked to the Seventh Prince, looking all so busy.

Seeing the look of the people around him, the Crown Prince couldn’t help but frown: What is Imperial Uncle’s doing?

Seeing no one bother to greet her, Nannuo Yao doesn’t know if it’s alright to take a step, so she didn’t dare to move. She just stood there straight, while wonder what was going on.

The Crown Prince was quite dissatisfied. Obviously, everyone deliberately doesn’t want to open their mouth. The Crown Prince, who was left with no choice, greeted the guess on behalf of Xiao Tianyao.

“Princess Nannuo Yao, you came just right.” The Crown Prince said and nodded his head to servant next to him: “Help Princess Nannuo Yao to take her seat.”

“Princess Nannuo Yao, please… …” The servant stepped forward and guided Nannuo Yao to take a seat next to the screen, but Nannuo Yao didn’t pay attention to him. She went close to the Crown Prince and bluntly asked: “Your royal highness, the crown prince, can I seat here?”

Nannuo Yao said to the Crown Prince, but her eyes fell to Xiao Tianyao.

Lin Chujiu trapped her in the backyard, so she will sit next to Xiao Tianyao. She doesn’t believe that Lin Chujiu will not die from jealousy.

“This… …” The Crown Prince was embarrassed. This was not his home. Can his words be counted?

In the face of Nannou Yao’s eager gaze, the Crown Prince doesn’t know how to refuse. He looked at Xiao Tianyao and said: “Imperial Uncle, you see… …”

Xiao Tianyao gave the Crown Prince a face. He put down his chopstick, elegantly took his teacup and eloquently said: “There are differences between men and women. The Southern Princess doesn’t understand this rule, but Crown Prince, do you also not?”

In this sentence, not only Nannuo Yao was slapped in the face, but also the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince’s face reddens in embarrassment: “Imperial Uncle, you misunderstood this prince.”

“It is good if it’s only just a misunderstanding.” Xiao Tianyao faintly looked at the Crown Prince and then moved away from his eyes. His eyes fell to Xiao Zian and Ji Fengyu: “You two don’t need to be polite. Treat this place as your home. Seventh, you too, you try to eat more.”

“Thank you, Xiao Wangye.” Xiao Zian and the other two said in unison. Then, the three picked up their chopstick and ate, completely ignoring the crown prince.

People with discerning eyes know that Xiao Tianyao held this dinner banquet to take revenge for Lin Chujiu. The Crown Prince didn’t bully Lin Chujiu just once or twice. So, Xiao Tianyao will definitely beat the Crow Prince again and again.

The Crown Prince became angry, he didn’t expect that Xiao Tianyao will not give him a face in public, but… …

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