Chapter 391: Secret, malicious (Part 2)

Although Lin Chujiu was released after being imprisoned for a day, Nannuo Yao was very dissatisfied. She can see the attitude of the imperial family to Lin Chujiu. She knew that once Xiao Tianyao’s left, Lin Chujiu’s life in the capital will not be good.

Nannuo Yao was listening to the report how Lin Chujiu came back from the palace when suddenly, her maidservant came rushing: “Princess.”

The maidservant was so anxious, but she didn’t dare to open her mouth. She just looked at the other people inside. Nannuo Yao immediately sent the other people away and asked with a cold face: “What?”

This maidservant was Nannuo Yao’s personal maid before, but she was originally Nannuo Li’s people. Before, her fifth brother words were very convincing, so she treated his people with courtesy, but… …

Ever since she heard Imperial Concubine Zhou’s words, and she has given it a thought. Her heartfelt doubt and she became unhappy with the people he arranged and sent for her.

“Princess, you have a letter.” The maidservant was not affected by Nannuo Yao’s attitude. She still handed the letter.

“A letter? Fifth brother can still send a letter to me?” Nannuo Yao knows a bit about the southern hidden village. Nannuo Li revealed a bit of information about it to show that in the end, they were brother and sister.

The maidservant didn’t speak, she only kept silent to the side. Seeing the maidservant like this, Nannuo Yao was disgusted. She felt like she was being humiliated. This small slave dared to act big, the other party really doesn’t put her in his eyes.

When a person like you, he will try to please you to everything he does. However, not only this other party made an unreasonable move but also doesn’t give an explanation. Similarly, when you hate a person, no matter what he does, you will feel like everything he does has an ulterior motive.

Nannuo Yao feels that way to her fifth brother now. She was sure that he is only using her.

Nannuo Yao opened the letter and looked at it nonchalantly. When she saw the content above, her face drastically changed. Her hands holding the letter also tighten a bit. She pressed the anger in her heart and said: “Who sent the letter?”

“This slave doesn’t know.” The maidservant bowed her head and maintained respectful.

“Hmph… you don’t know, but you dared to give me this letter?” Nannuo Yao didn’t believe it at all. The maidservant was not scared. She said in a low voice: “Princess, the letter was sealed with Fifth Prince’s special emblem. When this slave has seen it, she dared to give it to you.” In short, she wanted to say that she doesn’t know the content of the letter.

Nannuo Yao indeed found a unique emblem, but her face became even more and more ugly.

Although this letter was not written by her fifth brother, it can also be considered as his own words.

Thinking about the threat in the letter, Nannuo Yao knew that she had no other choice. Although her status was much higher than women in the east, she doesn’t have the chance to become an empress. She and her mother has been seeking asylum to her fifth brother. If she doesn’t listen to his instruction, their relationship might fall apart. She was also afraid that Nannuo Li might fail to go back to the south.

If she died in the east, everything will be meaningless even if her imperial father favored her.

Nannuo Yao knew that she only need to listen to the orders. She tightly clenched the letter and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and said: “Go and give me a bowl of Cui jing medicine. Double the dosage.”

The cui jing medicine is usually used by women who haven’t got their menstruation for a long period of time. In the Southern Harem, there were many concubines given with this in order to conceive a child.

Nannuo Yao’s menstruation didn’t come even when she turned 15 years old. At that time, the doctor gave her this medicine. So far, even until now, she still remembers the pain she experienced when she drunk this medicine.

If she can, Nannuo Yao doesn’t want to drink that thing ever again, but now… …

She has no choice!


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  1. hmm. im not sure I get what exactly Cui jing medicine is. Is it to force her to have a menstration and be able to get pregnant?

    1. For now, it is shown as a medicine to induce menstruation. Future chapter will explain further the situation/event.

  2. She probably wants to pretend she miscarried one of the Prince’s child in order to be able to enter the Imperial family as planned.

    1. Please not the nice prince!!! Anyone, but him!!! If he can’t be with MC, let him be pure until a kind and not suicidal girl(giving their life to MC and ML for slaughter) comes to him T^T

  3. Claramente la princesa no es mujer cis…. Es un hombre con insensibilidad a la testosterona.
    Gracias por los capitulos

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