Chapter 402: Black hands, only relative (Part 1)

Housekeeper  Cao rushed to find Lin Chujiu, not because Xiao Wangfu was in trouble, but because the Meng Family had an accident!

The Meng brothers, when something happened to Lin Chujiu in the palace. They kept it a secret to the old lady. But tonight, there were people, who were short-sighted, deliberately mentioned this matter to Meng Laofuren. And they made the situation sounds so serious.

In regard to this matter, those people said to the old lady that, Lin Chujiu was suspected of poisoning and murdering the seventh prince, so she was imprisoned in the palace. And now, her life and death are unknown.

In this life, the first thing that can make Meng Laofuren worried was the Meng Family. The second thing was Lin Chujiu. So, when she heard the people, she felt something was wrong.

Meng Laofuren has always been wise and farsighted in her entire life. She doesn’t know if this intentional, but… …

As clever as she is, she knew this must be true. Because fake acting cannot fool her.

“Ah… …” Meng Laofuren opened her mouth, she wanted to call the maidservant outside, but because of her current situation, she couldn’t do anything. She could only continue to listen to the two women in front of her, who kept describing how tragic the situation of her grandchildren now. Especially, Lin Chujiu.

“Speaking of this matter, the young master is really pitiful. If he wasn’t implicated by Xiao Wangfei, he will not suffer such bitterness. If master didn’t send someone in time to save him, I’m afraid that he will die on the spot.”

“Not just pitiful, he is very pitiful. He was also kidnapped by a group of wicked people before, right? Although he was saved at that time, he was hurt and still lying on the bed. He couldn’t get out of the bed for a long time.”

“However, Xiao Wangfei also suffered a lot. Regardless of her identity, she came out alone. Such a weak woman was detained for a night, I don’t know what might have happened.”

“To save face, Xiao Wangye didn’t send away Xiao Wangfei, but we can’t guarantee how long will it be. If this matter spread out, Xiao Wangfei cannot come out clean.”

“Xiao Wangye went to the battlefield and left Xiao Wangfei all alone in the capital. I also heard that when Xiao Wangfei was in the palace prison, no one came to see her. It’s really painful to think about it. If a person was imprisoned in the palace, it means you reached the bottom line of the people above. Seeing that nobody support Xiao Wangfei, I don’t know what will happen to her.”

“Is there really no way for her to get out? Xiao Wangfu has no female master except Xiao Wangfei. And Xiao Wangfei’s relationship with her family is bad. Lin Furen will definitely not save her. As for our family?”

“The three masters and furens doesn’t want to see Xiao Wangfei. They were only polite to Xiao Wangfei because of Laofuren. They didn’t actually want to get involved with her. After all, young master had an accident because of Xiao Wangfei.”

”I’m afraid that the three masters hate Xiao Wangfei to death this time. So, why would they help Xiao Wangfei? If Laofuren isn’t here, the three masters probably retaliate back.”

The two women, in front of Meng Laofuren, described how tragic the situation Lin Chujiu was in. Although their words were exaggerated, the actual event was almost like this.

Meng Laofuren couldn’t stop the two, she could only watch them described Lin Chujiu’s situation one by one, as her paralyzed body kept trembling on the bed.

The two women acted like they didn’t see it… …

“It’s a pity that the Laofuren is like this. It’s hard for her to protect herself. So, how can she save Xiao Wangfei?”

“Her stepmother and uncles don’t care, Xiao Wangye is unhappy about her. Only Laofuren care. Xiao Wangfei really lives a sad life.”


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