Chapter 411: Intervene, see how they will explain (Part 1)

Outside the city, in the Hidden Mountain Valley.

At the early hour, the sun has risen the sky, the sun shines on every corner of the mountain. The dew on the leaves was illuminated by the sunlight, emitting golden light, naughty rolling back and forth, revealing it’s softness like someone’s little belly, which couldn’t help people but want to poke.

The birds chirping sounded like they were in paradise, accompanied by rustling sounds of leaves blown by the wind, could make people who were present reluctant to leave.

There was no doubt that the Hidden Mountain Valley is a beautiful just like a beautiful painting, but… …

This beautiful painting was destroyed.

Everywhere, there was a corpse, there were traces of blood, which could scare people in a glance.

Dead bodies, burnt branches, the surroundings were filled with silence.

But amid this death ruins, two bright colors could be seen: One bloody red coat and a robe.

The two were fighting in this death ruins, arrogantly glaring at each other.

There was no doubt that these two people in bright red color were Demon Lord and Shi Yihan. The two were standing in the ruins and still fighting each other, but their clothes were still clean as ever and have no trace of dust.

Standing face to face, there was no trace of arrogance in their face. They were calmly confronting each other. As if their fight for several hours didn’t happen at all.

“Demon Lord you are very strong.” Shi Yihan said to the man opposite to him with a pale face, but he was actually very depressed inside his heart.

He grew up this old, but he never had eaten such a big loss.

His injuries this time will possibly recover after one month or two.

For 5 million, not only he almost lost his life, but also the remaining money.

“The young master is also not bad.” Demon Lord has a mask on his face. People couldn’t see his facial expression and couldn’t tell if he was injured.

“Are you saying this young master is a little worse than you? Demon Lord, your evaluation is too low.” Even if Shi Yihan was injured, his tongue was still poisonous: “With Demon Lord’s strength, you can enter the central empire, at least you can be the guard of the gate.”

His words were cold and truly poisonous, but it is a fact. The Central Empire used martial gods to guard their doors. But of course, it doesn’t mean that the martial guards were only guarding dogs in the central empire. However, the martial guard’s presence at the gate can show how powerful the central empire is.

Demon Lord was not angry, but he said with a tone full of mockery: “It’s truly possible because the young master cannot even guard the gate, right?” Meaning, Shi Yihan’s martial arts were worse than him.

Shi Yihan almost coughs up blood, but he quickly responded: “I am younger than you, when I reached your age, I will be stronger than you are now.”

“Why do you think that I am older than you?” Demon Lord looked at him from head to foot. His cold eyes have a trace of dislike.

A man well-dressed like a woman.

“This young master is definitely younger than you.” Shi Yihan was unwilling to accept defeat. He swept his eyes on Demon Lord’s ghostly mask and said with a disgusting tone: “With such a ghostly face, you must be very ashamed for people to see your face.”

Demon Lord didn’t pay attention to Shi Yihan’s mockery, he indifferently retracted his eyes and said: “This lord is not interested to talk to a child. This lord will leave, take care of yourself.”

After that, he turned and went down the mountain. The moment Demon Lord turned around, a trace of blood flowed out from his mask… ….

“Hmph…” Shi Yihan snored but didn’t move. He stood on the same spot as he watched Demon Lord leave. When he could no longer see his shadow, he no longer tried to act strong, he coughed out mouthful blood.

Shi Yihan wiped the blood on his mouth, then said with a depressed look in the face: “I’m really unlucky today.”

Shi Yihan took a short break before he went down the mountain. When he went down the mountain, Demon Lord was no longer there. As for Nannuo Li?

Shi Yihan didn’t see Nannuo Li’s corpse. He thought of the shadow guards around him. They haven’t appeared yet, so he was sure Nannuo Li was safely escaped.

He took that person’s money and eliminate the danger. Although he failed to beat Demon Lord, he didn’t fail to keep his promise, right?

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  1. It’s really interesting how much time XTY can spend in private matters if he should be on battlefield where there are some men in the same power as him. It’s rather nice for this kind unreliable general that in ancient time people didn’t count how many died in battle and asked if winning with nearly all army destroyed for one city and some pride was worth this or not.

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