Chapter 420: Responsible, whereabouts leaked… (Part 2)

Lin Xiang refused to let him go and continued: “Zhu Daren, there are 30,000 soldiers around Xiao Wangye, they saw him getting injured with their own eyes. The imperial doctor, who accompanied them also send a report, he said that although Xiao Wangye didn’t injure a vital part of his body, he advised him not to rush to travel. However, regardless of his injuries, Xiao Wangye insists on going to the front line. To protect the east country, he didn’t think about his life and death, but you’re saying that Xiao Wangye sneaked back to the capital, what is your intention?”

Lin Xiang is the emperor’s confidant. As soon as he opened his mouth, people understood the meaning of the emperor. Whether it is the truth or not, some people immediately came forward to give support to Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang just turned Xiao Tianyao into a national hero, who disregards his ego. The emperor’s mouth twitched, but he couldn’t say anything about it… …

Facing the attack of a group of ministers, Zhu Daren was defeated in arguments and beaten with 30 boards by the emperor. He was also sent home early to reflect.

On the bright side, the emperor punished Zhu Daren because he falsely accused Xiao Tianyao. But in fact, only the emperor himself knows the truth.

After the emperor went out of the palace court, he summoned the leader of his secret spy. The first thing he ordered him to check is, who is using Zhu Daren.

After Xiao Tianyao had done such a big thing, how could he not learn about it? However, he wanted to wait for the war to end first before he punishes him for this account, but now?

Once again, people have destroyed his plan!

The emperor didn’t kill Zhu Daren, it is already a big favor!


After Lin Chujiu went out for a trip, when she returned, her spirit was much better. At least, it was not like the previous two days, where she couldn’t get out of bed.

Lin Chujiu is waiting to recover first before she quietly went outside the capital to look at Meng Xiuyuan’s injury and see how much he recovered.

It’s been half a month. If Meng Xiuyuan recovered well, it’s almost possible to remove the suture.

“Wangfei, Su Gonzgi came to see you.” When Feicui came in, she saw Lin Chujiu writing a letter, so she couldn’t help but smile.

On the day of Xiao Tianyao’s departure, Su Cha came, and then the whole Xiao Wangfu learned that their Wangye had set a rule for their Wangfe. Their Wangfei had to write a letter to him every three days, with no less than three sheets of paper.

Xiao Tianyao was afraid of Lin Chujiu’s refusal, but he was not willing to give up. To prevent Lin Chujiu from forgetting her “commitment”, Xiao Tianyao asked the people of the entire Xiao Wangfu to remind Lin Chujiu that she should not forget this.

To make Lin Chujiu “willingly” write letters, Xiao Tianyao didn’t have an easy time.

Early this morning, Housekeeper Cao found an excuse to look for Lin Chujiu, and then euphemistically reminded Lin Chujiu that, it’s been three days, and Su Cha will come to get the letter.

Lin Chujiu pretended not to hear it, but no matter where she went, someone would euphemistically reminding her: Wangfei, it’s time to write a letter!

In desperation, Lin Chujiu had to obediently enter the study room and honestly write a letter to Xiao Tianyao, but… …

What should I write?

Lin Chujiu bit the brush, her face was tangled.

The bad habit of biting the pen developed during her childhood due to her greedy mouth. Later on, she was not greedy anymore, but the bad habit didn’t change.

When Lin Chujiu heard that Su Cha came, she silently smashed a pile of papers on the table into a ball and invited Su Cha to come in.

As expected, when Su Cha finished his ceremony, he said: “Wangfei, today is the third day.”

“What are you worried about, aren’t you sending letters at night?” She could certainly finish writing a letter at night, although she still doesn’t know what to write.

“What Wangfei said is right.” Seeing Lin Chuju’s face was tangled, Su Cha kindly said: “Wangfei, if you don’t want to write, you can dictate it to me, I will help you write.”

To see the letter written by Lin Chujiu to Xiao Tianyao, Su Cha also went all out.

He really wants to know, what does Lin Chujiu write to Xiao Tianyao. What kind of letter can make Xiao Tianyao smile even after reading it the second time?

That is simply a miracle!


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