Chapter 420: Responsible, whereabouts leaked… (Part 1)

Xiao Tianyao came back very low-key, almost no one knows his arrival, even the emperor’s secret spies did not find out this news, but… …

When he left, he was not low-key at all. He took Lin Chujiu out of the capital to worship Meng Laofuren, which definitely showed his arrogance.

The Emperor wanted to pretend that he didn’t know this. Well, at least before the war between the East and the North ends, the Emperor didn’t want to find Xiao Tianyao’s trouble at all, but… …

The emperor doesn’t want to find trouble, but it doesn’t mean the others also doesn’t want.

On the third day of Xiao Tianyao’s departure, there was an imperial official that wanted to impeach him for disregarding the military rules, defying the imperial edict, and secretly returning to the capital!

This was a big crime. It’s not a problem to imprison Xiao Tianyao out of these crimes. But the problem is, if Xiao Tianyao was locked up in the prison, who will fight in the front line?

At this time, which bastard dare impeach Xiao Tianyao?

Doesn’t he have eyes?

He didn’t make a move yesterday, so why he will make a move to Xiao Tianyao now?

If he can’t even see right through this thing, how did he become an official?

The emperor took a glance at the person who was complaining and found out that it was Zhu Daren, who was not in any faction at all. He was just a stubborn old man. He immediately understood that the old man had been exploited.

The emperor secretly sighed, but he asked seriously: “Is what Zhu Daren said true? Did you found it yourself? You must know that slandering is a big crime.”

The emperor’s words are full of hints, people with a bit of brain should retreat at this time, but Zhu Daren did not.

Zhu Daren, who adhering to justice, righteously said: “This minister’s words are true. The emperor can ask the soldiers and officials assigned in the capital gate. The emperor can also ask the guards assigned in the tomb. Xiao Wangye not only returned in the capital but also took Xiao Wangfei to the tomb to worship the Meng Laofuren.”

In the cemetery, not only the guard assigned in the Meng family’s tomb had seen Xiao Tianyao, but also the guards assigned to the other family’s tomb.

The emperor was dissatisfied with Zhu Daren’s performance. He didn’t speak, instead, he looked at the Lin Xiang in the front row. Lin Xiang noticed it, so he stepped forward and said: “Zhu Daren, you’re saying that Xiao Wangye appeared in the capital this morning, right? When did he come back? Why didn’t he have a record of entering the capital?”

“When Xiao Wangye came back, this lowly official didn’t know. But this lowly official knew that if Xiao Wangye didn’t want people to know that he came back in the capital, he would definitely not leave a record of entering the capital.” Zhu Daren said without hesitation.

Since he dared to impeached Xiao Wangye, he must have evidence.

“Oh… since Xiao Wangye didn’t want people to know that he came back in the capital, how could he go out of the capital in a broad daylight and appeared in the cemetery outside the capital? Isn’t Xiao Wangye aware of the danger of returning the capital privately?” Lin Xiang, who was an old fox, asked multiple questions at once. And without waiting for Zhu Daren to answer, he said: “Zhu Daren, yesterday, the court received news from the front line. Xiao Wangye met assassins on the way and was seriously injured. Calculating the distance, Xiao Wangye is very far, Yanzhou City is thousands of miles away in the capital. Xiao Wangye is injured, but even if he is not injured, he can’t fly and get in the capital in just two days.”

“This…this…” Zhu Daren didn’t dare to say that the injured person may be a substitute. This kind of thing, even if he wants to say it, without evidence, he might be held responsible.


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