Chapter 430: Life, melodrama (Part 1)

Lin Furen was not Lin Wanting. So although she was very angry, she didn’t refute Lin Chujiu’s words. She knew Lin Chujiu was deliberately angering her. She will not be fooled.

Lin Furen released a deep breath and took a sip of her to calm down her heart. When she calmed down, Lin Furen directly said what she wanted to say to Lin Chujiu.

When Lin Chujiu’s mother was 15 years old, she got seriously ill. The doctor said that the hot spring outside the capital was more effective in curing a disease. The Meng Family then sent her outside the capital to recuperate. Lin Furen also lived there from time to time to play.

Lin Furen once lived in Zhuangzi for a month. In that month, she found out the secret of Lin Chujiu’s mother.

Lin Chujiu’s mother was raising a man in Zhuangzi. The man lived in her mother’s mansion. Lin Furen was so shocked, she quietly returned to the capital and told it to their mother.

Later on, Meng Laofuren went to Zhuangzi and brought back Lin Chujiu’s mother. However, she was not punished, she was only detained in her room and not allowed to come out at will.

After that, Meng Family encountered another problem. Old Guogong and couldn’t manage other things. Then suddenly, a handsome young man came to visit the Meng Family and said that he could save the old man.

Meng Laofuren talked privately to the young man. Lin Furen doesn’t know what it was all about. She only knew that after the young man came, their father’s condition became better and better. From then on, Meng Laofuren refused any marriage offer to Lin Chujiu’s mother, saying that her mother already had a fiancee.

A year later, Lin Chujiu’s mother received a letter and insisted on going out despite the family’s blockade. Meng Laofuren and Old Guogong couldn’t stop her, they could only let her go.

Six months later, Lin Chujiu’s mother returned to the capital, as if nothing happened. Then, the Meng Family looked for Lin Chujiu’s mother a marriage partner in a faster speed and married after a month.

After saying those words, Lin Furen didn’t forget to mention: “At that time, some people said that my sister was already pregnant when she came back. And you were also born sevenths months after she got married. However, both mother and the midwife said that sister was frightened and gave birth prematurely, you also looked like a premature baby, very thin and small. They say you have no chance to live, but later on, sister just raises you.”

What Lin Furen said what’s not something good to hear, but it was a fact. Lin Furen doesn’t need to lie to Lin Chujiu about it.

Lin Chujiu ignored Lin Furen’s insinuation and asked calmly: “What was the young man’s name?”

“Coincidentally, it’s surnamed is Lin.” Lin Furen seemed to be expecting that Lin Chujiu would ask such a question.

“Where is he from?” Lin Chujiu knew that Lin Furen didn’t lie, but she still didn’t miss to asked an important thing.

Lin Furen, who was in a good mood answered: “He seemed to be from the central empire, and my sister also came back from the central empire.”

Lin Chujiu nodded her head and said: “You work hard, Furen.”

Coupled with the letter that Meng Laofuren gave her, Lin Chujiu was now certain that she was not Lin Xiang’s daughter.

Lin Chujiu’s heart had long been prepared for it, so she didn’t get surprised. It was not important to her who’s daughter she was. It was also not important to her if she has a father or not.

She already passed the age of needing a father.

“You-you’re not surprised.” Lin Furen couldn’t help but shook her head after seeing Lin Chujiu’s calm face.

How could Lin Chujiu accept this calmly? “Did you know already?”


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