Chapter 429: Deal, marriage candidate (Part 2)

“Oh? What’s the matter, Lin Furen, please say…” When Lin Chujiu completely controlled the flow of conversation, she initiated a topic. Lin Furen didn’t notice it at the moment, so she opened her mouth: “When your mother was 15-years-old, I was already 12-years-old, your mother and I… …”

After she finished saying those words, Lin Furen stopped and busily reacted: “You set me up.” She almost spills the beans.

“I’m just asking, Lin Furen you mentioned it all by yourself.” From Lin Furen’s opening words, it’s not difficult to guess what she wanted to say, it was related to her mother’s feelings

“You…” Lin Furen was angry, but thinking about her purpose of coming today, she tried to endure the anger in her heart.

Lin Chujiu’s facial expression remained the same, she took her teacup and took a sip. Then, she simply said: “Lin Furen, talk about your conditions. You don’t need to talk too much, you also said it yourself that the matter that year can be check. I would rather also check it myself. I believe that the people in Xiao Wangfu are not vegetarian.”

After the specific was mentioned, things will become much easier to check. Lin Furen also knows this herself, so even if Lin Chujiu was insidious, she could only endure.

After taking a deep breath, Lin Furen spoke about her condition: “Help me block Wanting’s marriage, don’t let Wanting marry to west.”

“It turned out to be this one. I thought that Lin Furen will ask me to help Wanting marry into Xiao Wangfu.” Lin Chujiu looked at Lin Furen with a bit of sarcasm.

They tried their best to get rid of her marriage to the crown prince. But in the end, they were just fetching water with a bamboo basket. She wonders whether Lin Furen regretted it a lot.

Lin Furen’s lips slightly twitched, but she still forced to smile: “The relationship between the crown prince and Wanting is very good. As long as the emperor didn’t send her to the west to get married, it’s just a matter of time for her to enter the crown prince’s mansion.” At this moment, no matter how much she regretted it, she shouldn’t mention it.

“Really?” Lin Chujiu asked and smiled. Seeing the smile on Lin Furen’s face was about to collapse. Lin Chujiu just leave it aside: “Lin Furen, you can rest assured.”

“You promised?” Lin Furen asked.

Lin Chujiu nodded with a smile: “The Prince of the West doesn’t want to marry Wanting.” Even if it was about Lin Furen’s condition, Lin Chujiu didn’t forget to be sarcastic.

She can’t help it, she’s narrow-minded.

Lin Furen was annoyed, but she said calmly: “The Prince of the West doesn’t want to marry Wanting because he wants to marry a real princess? He must be dreaming, the emperor will not let any princess marry him.” Even knowing that Lin Chujiu deliberately angering her, she still couldn’t help but show her attitude.

Her daughter was a thousand times better than Lin Chujiu, ten thousand times! What qualification does the Prince of West have to dislike Lin Wanting?

“Even if he can’t marry a princess, Prince Ji Fengyu will not marry Wanting.” Another sour words were said. Lin Chujiu didn’t intend to argue with Lin Furen, so she said without waiting for her to open her mouth: “Whoever Prince Ji Fengyu wanted to marry is not important, I promise that he will not marry Wanting.”

Lin Chujiu was not worried at all regarding this matter.

Ji Fengyu was not a fool. He knows Lin Xiang’s power was like a castle in the air.

Lin family’s root was too shallow, Lin Xiang only rely on the emperor. If the emperor decides to throw Lin Xiang, Lin Xiang will immediately return to his original status. While Lin Wanting, she will be only adopted by the empress, even if she is given a title as a princess, she is useless.

For Ji Fengyu, Lin Wanting is not a good marriage candidate.

Of course, for Xiao Tianyao, she was also not a good marriage candidate. If the emperor didn’t give an edict, Xiao Tianyao will never marry her as his wangfei… …



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