Chapter 431: harboring, ordered by the Emperor (Part 2)

Commander Li waited for a long time, but he still can’t see Lin Chujiu has the intention to open her mouth. With this, he couldn’t help but frown. What does Xiao Wangfei mean? Does she think that if she does this he will compromise?

How naive!

“Xiao Wangfei… …” Commander Li cupped his fist and took the initiative to speak: “This imperial guard was ordered to find the assassin who assassinated the princess. I asked Xiao Wangfei to cooperate”

“Cooperate? Cooperate with you to let people check all over my Xiao Wangfu?” Lin Chujiu angrily said. In anger, she slammed the teacup in her hand. The slamming sound was simply shocking.

“Commander Li, isn’t it?” Lin Chujiu looked at Commander Li with cold eyes: “Before you came in, did you see the words at the main entrance of Xiao Wangfu? Or you don’t know how to read?”

The plaque hanging at the entrance of Xiao Wangfu was written by the first Emperor. In the whole capital, only Xiao Wangfu had plaque personally written by the first emperor. Because of it, most people dare not to rush inside easily.

This was also the reason why the imperial guards can’t rush inside.

“I’ve seen it, but I was ordered to handle this affair. I asked Xiao Wangfei not to get angry.” Commander Li cupped his fist and lowered his head. He didn’t admit his wrongdoing.

“Ordered? Who ordered it?” Lin Chujiu asked, but she didn’t wait for Commander Li to speak. She said: “I don’t think the emperor will order to search Xiao Wangfu.”

“Xiao Wangfei, the evidence of the assassination of Princess Fushou Zhang is conclusive, which is why the emperor ordered to search Xiao Wangfu. Princess Fushou Zhang is Xiao Wangfei’s sister-in-law, I asked Xiao Wangfei to hand over the assassin.” Commander Li insisted that the assassin was in Xiao Wangfu. He refused to give in.

“Evidence? What evidence do you have? I don’t think there is an assassin in my house that wants to kill the princess.” Lin Chujiu was really angry at this time.

Princess Fushou Zhang was injured and said that the assassin was in her house? Why?

What grudge Princess Fushou Zhang have against her?

And, so what if she had grudge against her? She, Lin Chujiu was not stupid enough to send an assassin.

“Come! Go bring the people in.” Commander Li Zheng said to the guards behind him, but when the two guards went out, they were stopped by the guards of Xiao Wangfu.

“Xiao Wangfei… …” Commander Li looked at Lin Chujiu with dissatisfaction.

Lin Chujiu didn’t lift her head, she simply said: “Accompany them, don’t let them stroll around Xiao Wangfu by will. This is not a place anyone is qualified to stroll around.” Her last sentence was obviously for Commander Li to hear. Commander Li’s palm sweated. He had some regret in his heart.

He originally thought now that Xiao Wangye was not in the capital. Lin Chujiu, who was a woman, will be powerless. But now that he had seen her, it seems Lin Chujiu was not soft at all, rather she was very arrogant.

How many guards does Xiao Wangfu have for her to act ‘justifiably strong’ like this?

When he remembered the emperor’s words, wanting him to find out the defense of Xiao Wangfu and the total number of guards, Commander couldn’t help but be upset.

This task seems to be not easy to accomplish, but… …

He has no choice!

If he can’t take advantage of the absence of Xiao Wangye in Xiao Wangfu. He will not have another chance.

Accompanied by the guards of Xiao Wangfu, the imperial guards immediately brought two people. One of them was the guard around Princess Fushou Zhang, and the other one was from the North.

After Commander Li introduced the identity of the two people, he pointed his finger to the man from the North: “ This man from the north region is called Hu Weichuan. Mr. Hu witnessed the assassination of Princess Fushou Zhang last night and how the assassin fled. Unfortunately, the assassin also committed a crime in the Northern Territory and killed Futai’s son. In the end, the assassin was proven innocent with the help of Xiao Wangfu.”

Obviously, the other party came prepared… …


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  1. At times I feel bad for that emperor. Hating his brother so much but needing him badly to protect the country. Having that stupid lecherous sister who keeps losing face for the family yet he still has to protect her. Navigating all these people in his life is not easy. And he believes that LCJ is easy to bully. Tsk tsk tsk.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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