Chapter 437: Demand, anyone can ask (Part 2)

That doesn’t mean he’s interested to dress up as a woman, not to mention, he was a womanizer.

He was in charge of Qiqing Pavilion and also picking assassination. He doesn’t deal about what women want to wear, nor what knowledgable who’s the best woman.

“The beauty of a woman lies in her appearance, talent, personality, but most of all her intention to please men. I heard that women in Qiqing Pavilion put a lot of effort in all these aspects, which is why many people get fascinated. Obviously, the owner of Qiqing Pavilion has a high means of teaching their people. This ‘teaching’ naturally refers to please men in bed.

When the owner of Qiqing Pavilion saw Su Cha was getting more and more ridiculous, he couldn’t help but sneer: “Su Gongzi, you came to our pavilion and talk about the beauty of women, does it mean you are looking for a girl in here? If someone has entered Su Gongzi’s eyes, just say it and I’ll make arrangements.” It’s no big issue to send a woman to this man.

Su Cha has been waiting for this sentence!

Su Cha lowered his eyes, to hide the intention in his eyes. Then, he casually asked: “Owner, whoever is in the Qiqing Pavilion?”

“Of course.” The owner of Qiqing Pavilion didn’t think too much.

Even if it was the top one, it doesn’t matter. No matter what level they were just women. There was no shortage of beautiful women in this world. If Qiqing Pavilion can send out the woman that entered Su Cha’s eyes, it was a cost-effective business.

However, he looked down at Su Cha.

As a famous businessman in the east, although their family stayed low-profile, Su Cha was also known for being a rich man. A rich man will not lack with beautiful women. So why would Su Cha come in Qiqing Pavilion to look for a woman?

With the consent of the owner of Qiqing Pavilion, Su Cha put down the wine glass in his hand and sat up straight. He smiled and put up the appearance of a businessman.

Seeing this sudden change, the owner of Qiqing Pavilion suddenly felt uneasy, but before he could react, Su Cha said: “Since the Owner said so, I will be not polite. I am fascinated with two people, I hope the Owner can give them to me.”

“Which two?” Hearing Su Cha’s words, the owner of Qiqing Pavilion slightly felt relieved.

Su Cha softly smiled and said: “Jing Chi and Tang Tang!”

“What?” The owner of Qiqing Pavilion yelled in surprise, he couldn’t believe what he just heard: “Su Gongzi are you joking?” He dared to snatch the top one assassin in Shadow Moon Tower. Su Cha must be itching to die, right?

Why would he, the owner, will not dare to move Su Cha?

“Owner, I am not joking.” Su Cha ignored the owner’s murderous eyes and said: “Owner, you just promised me, do you want to take back your words?”

“I promise to send you the woman who entered your eyes.” The owner of Qiqing Pavilion specifically emphasized the word ‘woman’.

A beautiful woman can be taught for a year or two, but a top assassin is different. Even after training for more than 10 years, not all people can become good assassins.

“Owner seems to have forgotten his words, I don’t mind repeating the scenario. I asked the owner, whoever it is in Qiqing Pavilion, right? And you gave me a positive answer. Isn’t Jing Chi and Tang Tang in Qiqing Pavilion?” Su Cha repeated their conversation in a good manner.

Each word was repeated!

When he heard Su Cha’s words, the owner of Qiqing Pavilion realized he fell into a trap. What he didn’t know is, he will fall again to Su Cha’s trap.

The owner of Qiqing Pavilion stood up fiercely and pointed his finger at Su Cha. He seemed to be planning to kill people, but Su Cha’s facial expression remained unchanged. He didn’t try to avoid looking at the owner of Qiqing Pavilion’s murderous eyes… …

Tonight, he must succeed in pushing Jing Chi and Tang Tang into the trap!


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