Chapter 438: Surrender, do things according to law (Part 1)

Although there was no third person present, the owner of Qiqing Pavilion felt like he loses his face. The finger he pointed on Su Cha’s kept trembling in anger. But in the end, he sat down and said in a bad tone: “Say, what do you want? You should know they are assassins from Shadow Moon Tower. They can’t be sent away. Besides, they are just staying in Qiqing Pavilion for the meantime. They are not people of Qiqing Pavilion, I can’t send them to you.”

“Owner, I am a businessman. I always pay attention to harmony. You can rest assured, I am not planning to make you lose face.” Su Cha said and sighed in relief.

His facial expression didn’t change, but in fact, he was very nervous!

What if the owner of Qiqing Pavilion doesn’t agree with him?

What if the owner of Qiqing Pavilion suddenly make a move?

What if the owner of Qiqing Pavilion threaten him instead?

He was nothing a weak businessman. He has no way to fight back. He can only wait to be beaten to death.

Fortunately, although the Qiqing Pavilion and Shadow Moon Tower dealing with flesh and assassination business, they were still righteous. Otherwise, he will lose his life today.

When the owner of Qiqing Pavilion fiercely stood up earlier, Su Cha really felt that he was going die.

That time, Su Cha secretly put his hand behind his back and clenched it firmly to calm his heart. While doing this, he was able to calm his eyes, he was also able to look back at the owner of Qiqing Pavilion with a smile.

Seeing the owner of Qiqing Pavilion sat back, Su Cha didn’t urge the matter. He picked up the wine glass on the table and took a sip. And then, he played with the cup in his hand.

Su Cha’s movements were as smooth as flowing water, calm and elegant, but only he knows the glass he was holding was shaking.

He was not used to businessman dealing with killing people. Although he was used to Xiao Tianyao and Liu Bai, he was sure that they will not kill him, so he was not afraid of them.

However, this person in front of him was different. He couldn’t help but get anxious. The other party can kill him with a punch. Although Xiao Tianyao and Liu Bai will take revenge for him, what so great about if he is dead?

In dealing with business, both parties should be happy and satisfied. Su Cha was a businessman, the owner of Qiqing Pavilion was also a businessman. Seeing that Su Cha was not in a hurry, it seems this ‘deal’ was not something big.

The two talked, and the atmosphere became calm once again. Su Cha talked about the issue bit by bit, the owner of Qiqing Pavilion repeatedly expressed his difficulties. What Su Cha wanted to do is: Let Jing Chi and Tang Tang surrender!

Jing Chi and Tang Tang injured Princess Fushou Zhang. The Imperial Family will not stop chasing this issue, so instead of hiding, it’s better to take the initiative to surrender. With the Shadow Moon Tower’s backing, how can the emperor take the life of Jing Chi and Tang Tang? What more, Princess Fushou Zhang tied Tang Tang first. There was nothing wrong with Jing Chi’s action saving his brother, even though he injured Princess Fushou Zhang.

“He only injured Princess Fushou Zhang’s arm, he didn’t kill her.” The owner of Qiqing Pavilion said. As for the news that Jing Chi almost endangered the princess’s life, that was completely ridiculous.

Although Jing Chi was eager to kill Princess Fushou Zhang, the man from the Northern Territory jumped at him at the crucial time and saved the princess.

If Hu Weichuan didn’t intervene, all the people in the vicinity will be dead.

Jing Chi was an assassin. He will not let anyone stay alive!

After reaching an agreement and forcing the Qiqing Pavilion to retreat, Su Cha was very satisfied to leave… …


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