Chapter 71: Yiniang and false affection (Part 1)

The reason why this servant risked his life to come inside and inform them, is because… …

Lin Chujiu’s parents and relatives suddenly came to visit because they heard that she is “seriously ill”.

After the servant reported, Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything, while Lin Chujiu sighed and said: “It’s just a minor illness, so why do they need to come and visit on the same day with Divine Doctor Mo.”

Lin Family is one of the families that are working as the government officials of the palace, so surely, they heard about her case a long time ago. But, they only just came today, now that Divine Doctor Mo is here? So obviously, they want to pick a fight. Thinking about this, Lin Chujiu had a headache.

Other sick people were resting in bed, but she? She still needs to cope up with these bunch of crazy people even though she’s already feeling weak.

Lin Chujiu got a headache, so she rubbed her temples. Then, she looks at Xiao Tianyao with her pitiful looking face, hoping that he would help her blocked or sent away her so called parents and relatives because she really doesn’t want to deal with them.

Unfortunately, even though Xiao Tianyao saw her pitiful face, he just said to bring Lin Xiang to his study room. And as for Lin Chujiu’s stepmother and Aunt, he said to bring them here in this hall.

“Doctor Mo, Wangfei’s Family came to visit her, you can take a rest now. As for her disease, we can discuss it another day.” Xiao Tianyao politely said. Still, Divine Doctor Mo doesn’t want to treat Lin Chujiu, but of course, he wouldn’t say that.

Before leaving, Mo Yuer who is walking behind her father specifically looked back at Lin Chujiu. And at the same time, Lin Chujiu looked up, so she saw the look in Mo Yuer’s eyes before she complete walk away.

“Funny girl.” Lin Chujiu is sure that Mo Yuer’s eyes just look at her with full of disgust and contempt. And there is even a high sense of superiority.


She really cannot understand this Mo Yuer. Why is she feeling so proud of herself anyway?

Is it because of their identity? If it is about their identity, then she is the eldest daughter of the Prime Minister of East County, while she’s only the daughter of a quack doctor. So, isn’t her identity far superior to her?

Or is it because of her background? Well, she was given by the Emperor to be Xiao Tianyao’s Wangfei. So, she can only be his second wife if they got married later. So, what’s wrong with her?

Anyway, isn’t this Mo Yuer being too much? Her father forces Xiao Tianyao to marry her even only as a second wife. So, she shouldn’t be so proud of herself, right? Or does she think that with her beauty, she would be able to catch Xiao Tianyao’s heart?

If that is what this Mo Yuer is thinking, then Lin Chujiu had to say that she’s not worth the fun in Xiao Wangfu.

When Xiao Tianyao look at Lin Chujiu, he saw her sitting there while giggling on her own. So, he couldn’t help but shook his head and smirk because he really doesn’t know what happened to her.

Is she that scared with her parents and relatives, that’s why she turns crazy?

She’s not this timid, right?

Xia Tianyao shook his head once again, then no longer pay attention to her. He’s not interested in Lin Family, so he doesn’t want to get involved and just let Lin Chujiu solved her own predicament to her family.

Marrying a wife doesn’t guarantee that you’ll gain more power because sometimes it could be the cause of your downfall. Well, that is true… … for Xiao Tianyao, so he didn’t hesitate to send Lin Chujiu to the very back of his mansion. After all, he married the master of trouble.

Not long after Xiao Tianyao left, Lin Furen, Lin Wanting and Lin Chujiu’s 3rd Aunt were led by the servant to come inside.

So, no matter how unhappy Lin Chujiu is inside her heart, she still needs to get up and meet them: “Yiniang (Maternal Aunt/Concubine), Wanting, San Jiuniang (3rd Aunt) come inside… … please take a sit.”

Yiniang?” Lin Furen and Lin Chujiu’s 3rd Aunt felt surprised, so her 3rd Aunt asked: “Who are you calling Yiniang?”  After all, aside from her and Lin Furen, no one else was inside.

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  1. Her so called relatives, father and daughter pair and seem to be an indifferent husband etc. The MC seems to have tones of bad luck to be associated with all these horrible people I wonder when would it change? Thanks for this update.

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