Chapter 72: Loving husband and go back home to recuperate (Part 1)

3rd Aunt doesn’t really like this niece of her, but now that she had a good talk with Lin Chujiu, plus her current identity as Princess Xiao, she couldn’t help but feel satisfied even though she was still feeling a bit unhappy.

After all, both of them can still remember they’re unhappy past relationship. After some pleasantries, 3rd Aunt finally showed up her gifts: “When your San Jiuju (3rd maternal uncle) heard that you were seriously sick, he immediately went to our treasury to dig out some good things to be sent here when we visit.”

San Jiuju is truly kind.” Lin Chujiu raised her hand for Zhenzhu to came forward and take the gift’s list.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t really care about her 3rd Uncle’s gifts. After all, the original owner of the body doesn’t really have a good impression to her cheap Uncle and she can’t even remember his face.

When 3rd Aunt saw that the Xiao Wangfu’s maidservant was reading the gift’s list, her face changed in color but didn’t dare to reveal her shocked. They should have prepared more expensive things to make a good impression to Xiao Wangfu.  3rd Aunt secretly felt regret, if she only learned a little earlier that Lin Chujiu’s status in Xiao Wangfu is high, then she should have brought more expensive things, no… … she should have visited her more early.

Seeing her 3rd sister-in-law’s facial expression, Lin Furen couldn’t help but turned her head to the side and smile with full of ridicule.

All these years, her 3rd brother only tried to do things that will benefit himself but also used Lin Xiang to do their work. So now that they saw… … Lin Chujiu seems like an unfamiliar wolf. They shouldn’t blame her, right?

Lin Furen who no longer has a high hope with her 3rd sister-in-law tried to take the initiative to change the topic: “Chujiu, I heard Prince Xiao had invited Divine Doctor Mo to diagnose your disease. So, how is it?”

Lin Furen tried to ask without panic, after all, if Prince Xiao already knows that Lin Chujiu was poison by her, then there is no reason for him to keep it a secret.

Or did he tried to keep it a secret because of two hundred and fifty thousand of gold?

Is that amount already good enough for someone like him?

“Doctor Mo was still diagnosing me when Yiniang came, so he hasn’t finished checking my condition.” Lin Chujiu deliberately made Lin Furen’s heart hang in curiosity to make her feel uneasy.

She was poisoned because of her, so she wants to see how will Lin Furen going to jump off with her own lies.

This little slut is still threatening me?

Lin Furen’s face still looked the same, but she couldn’t help but clenched her fist while asking: “Then, what did the other doctors said?” Lin Chujiu was able to found out about it, so why would those doctor’s can’t.

“The other doctors only said that my body is weak, but I’ll get better soon. However, as for their actual diagnosis, their only reporting it to Wangye. If Yiniang still wants to know about it, you can ask Wangye. Wangye wants me to feel at ease, so he said that I don’t need to worry about such stuff and only want me to focus in nourishing back my body.” While speaking the last part, Lin Chujiu tried to lower her head in shyness.

Hearing this, Lin Chujiu’s four maidservant’s lips couldn’t help but twitch: Is it really okay for Wangfei to lie this?

Should they report such words to Prince Xiao?

“Hearing this, I felt relieved.” Lin Furen’s smile on her face got more and more stiff, if things continue like this, she is not sure if she can still control her anger… …

And as for Lin Wanting and 3rd Aunt, listening to her words made their ears feel in pain. After all, to have such a loving husband is every girl’s dream. However, for Lin Furen, such words only made her mind in chaos.

“Wangye is really good to me, so in these past two weeks, I was already feeling better. Yiniang doesn’t really need to worry about me.” Lin Chujiu added with a smile.

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