Chapter 96: Sweat and rain of blood (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu arrived in Xiao Wangfu within the given time limit, but she hasn’t arrived in Jin Tian Courtyard so it can be said that she’s late. And just as she was expecting, Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer didn’t miss this opportunity.

“Wangye, your daily massage and herbal bath time cannot be changed. Your leg’s treatment cannot be delayed.” Divine Doctor Mo said with full of seriousness and worry. But, he knows very well that this is only… …

To make the muscle and blood vessel soften. So, there’s nothing to worry about if they will wait for a minute or two, right? 

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao answered in a very light voice. So, they couldn’t tell if he really answered or not.

Divine Doctor Mo knows that Xiao Tianyao has a short temper, so he added: “Wangye, we don’t know when will Wangfei return, so is it alright to let Yuer massage your legs?”

Although he was still asking, he already winks his eyes to Mo Yuer. Mo Yuer came forward. But, Xiao Tianyao didn’t show any refusal, so Divine Doctor Mo said: “Yuer, take good care of Wangye here. I’ll prepare Wangye’s bath.”

Divine Doctor Mo wanted to leave so that Mo Yuer and Xiao Tianyao can have a private time.

Mo Yuer waited for Xiao Tianyao to say something, but he didn’t even open his mouth a bit. So, she felt embarrassed. After all, she’s used to being sought out first and being greeted first, so she doesn’t know how to approach a man, but… …

Xiao Tianyao is such a person. So, if she wouldn’t take the initiative to talk to him, Xiao Tianyao will also not talk.

“Wangye, your treatment cannot be delayed, so I’ll start now, okay?.” Mo Yuer said after suppressing the humiliation she felt inside her heart.

“No need.” Xiao Tianyao flatly refuse.

At this point of time, Lin Chujiu is already standing outside the door. Su Cha and Liu Bai who followed her also arrived. But, they didn’t appear in the same place

The security in Jin Tian Courtyard is heavy. No one can enter and no one can leave freely. But, for Xiao Tianyao to know what happened outside… …

Su Cha and Liu Bai walked through the secret tunnel. Earlier, both of them greeted Housekeeper Cao first, but after that, they quietly walked in here.

Xiao Tianyao refuse without any hesitation, so Mo Yuer felt very unhappy. Her mood turns bad, so she couldn’t help but said: “Wangye, my father has been treating you for so long. But, you’ll waste all of it just because of a woman?”

Xiao Tianyao did not speak, but he looks up and look at Mo Yuer without any emotion. However, Mo Yuer couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, because as if he was seeing right through her.

“Wangye … …” Mo Yuer eagerly looks up and then proudly say: “Wangfei knows very well that your massage time cannot be late. But, she didn’t come back on time. Doesn’t that mean that she doesn’t care about your legs? Wangye should punish someone who made a big mistake, right?”

Lin Chujiu tried to approach the door, but when she heard that sentence, she stops and her face immediately turns bad.

Su Cha and Liu Bai was hiding on the side, so they did not only heard Mo Yuer’s words but also saw her facial expression. Liu Bai’s eyes flashed in wonder.

But suddenly, Su Cha hit him with his elbow, so he turned his head. However, he only saw Su Cha ridiculously laughing.

“Wangye, my father and I care for you, so we don’t want to delay your treatment. I especially studied your case, so I am absolutely better than Wangfei.” After Mo Yuer said those words, she went near him. Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything, so her lips brought out a fascinating smile.

“Wangye, I’ll start… …”

Lin Chujiu no longer wanted to stand by, so she took a deep breath and with a “Bang” sound, the door opened. Mo Yuer turned her head and saw Lin Chujiu looking so dignified and noble in her luxurious dress.

Lin Chujiu gasp for breath. Her heart is still beating so fast, but she tried to remain calm so that she could also stand there calmly: “Miss Mo, I’ll take care of Wangye so you don’t need to bother. I’ll do it.”

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