Chapter 102: Dragon Soul and only because she’s the Wangfei (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what exactly Xiao Tianyao is thinking, so she still seriously asks: “Why?”


After waiting for a long while, Xiao Tianyao didn’t give her an answer. Xiao Tianyao acted like he didn’t hear anything. And just turn his head towards the window. 

What does that mean?

Lin Chujiu felt uneasiness in her heart, so she asks him again: “Wangye, can you tell me why?”

“What is it?” Xiao Tianyao simply said, as if he didn’t put her words into his heart. And as if he didn’t get disappointed, but if he would say that he didn’t get disappointed, then that would make him a liar. Lin Chujiu is a stubborn person. So, she asks him once again: “Wangye, why would you find someone to teach me?” Why are you suddenly good to me?

“Do I need a reason?” Xiao Tianyao said with a cold face, but there was this visible joy in his eyes.

Right now, he finally understood why Su Cha always makes fun of Liu Bai. Because it was… … really very interesting.

“But, you said, I can ask why.” Lin Chujiu said in a low voice, but her tone exposes her disappointment.

Xiao Tianyao gently nodded his head, then said: “Yes, benwang said you can ask why. But, did you ask benwang to answer your question?”

“Huh … ..?.” This is not right, but Lin Chujiu still ask: “Wangye, can you give me an answer?”

Lin Chujiu said with a straight back and tranquil smile. But, she didn’t notice that she was clenching her hands. So, her real emotion got revealed to him.

Xiao Tianyao looked at her eyes and no longer tried to tease her. Then, he simply said: “There is no such thing as why. Because you are benwang’s Wangfei.” Xiao Tianyao admitted that now, he accept Lin Chujiu as his wife. And not because of the imperial edict.

“So originally, it was only because I’m your Wangfei ah.” Lin Chujiu couldn’t tell if she finally gets lucky or not. But, she could tell that her heart feels stuffy and uncomfortable.

But then, Lin Chujiu decided to just let go of this matter. After all, she knows very well that someone like Xiao Tianyao will not fall in love with her that easily. She just suddenly thought about it. She didn’t actually take it to heart… …

Yes, she didn’t take it to heart, because she doesn’t like Xiao Tianyao. So, she won’t feel hurt or sad about it, but… … 

Her heart is feeling uncomfortable, her eyes are getting wet. So in the end, what is wrong with her?

Lin Chujiu felt irritated, but because she doesn’t want Xiao notice it. She abnormally quiets down herself.

Lin Chujiu is not usually talkative in front of Xiao Tianyao. But today, her quietness seems because of something special. Xiao Tianyao took a glance at her, but because he finds her like her usual self. He didn’t pay much more attention. After all, this is what he wants to do every day. He wanted to do many things with Lin Chujiu, but it’s not easy.


In the afternoon, Lin Chujiu massage Xiao Tianyao’s legs like usual. But after that, Divine Doctor Mo specially visited him and said: “Wangye, today, I will add a special herb in your treatment. This special herb will help your legs to recover faster.”

“What special herb?” Xiao Tianyao doesn’t trust Divine Doctor Mo, but he acted like he trusted him.

“Dragon soul!” When Divine Doctor Mo said those two words, he forgot to conceal the pride in his eyes. Well, he’s really proud of it.

In the whole continent, dragon soul is known as a god-like medicine. Because it can cure any damaged meridians. So, it can be said that its existence is almost like a legend. In the East country and in the other four countries,  it’s existence is priceless. Because it’s really hard to get a dragon soul.

“Whole plant?” Xiao Tianyao tone sounds a bit eager. And he couldn’t stay calm because he got so shocked.

When he just got injured, the doctor that took care of him said that his legs will immediately heal if he will find a whole dragon soul. Because of that, he looks for it to all over the other four countries.  However, he didn’t find even a single leaf. So what’s more the whole of it?

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