Chapter 135: Battlefield and Urgent report from Lijia (Part 1)

Third Prince Xiao Zian almost died. Mo Yuer was under house arrest. Divine Doctor Mo lost the emperor’s trust. This is undoubtedly the darkest day for Divine Doctor Mo. But… …

For the Crippled Old Man, these things are not enough. After all, what he wants is for Divine Doctor Mo to be completely ruined, to lose his face in the field of medicine and just live in silence. Far away from the world.

“Master, due to my carelessness, he got escaped.” Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan couldn’t help but say when he learned that his plan didn’t work successfully. He pleaded himself guilty because he knows that his master will be dissatisfied with the result.

The Crippled Old Man was indeed angry. But, when he learned that even Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan was not satisfied with the result. He no longer vents his anger to him. And instead, he comforted him: “No, you did a good job. It is more interesting if you cut the meat slowly. Watching him falling in despair and walking step by step on the brink of death is more pleasurable.”

Those words were able to comfort Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan, but why not to himself? Is it because he had waited too long for this day? And that’s why he no longer have the patience to wait again?

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan is not sure if what his old master had said was true. So, he said: “Master, rest assured. Next time, I won’t let him escape.”

“Mmm, Master believes you.” The Crippled Old Man said while suppressing his cough. So, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan couldn’t help but ask with full of concern: “Master, are you okay?”

The Crippled Old Man waved his hand, then said: “It’s nothing. It’s just an old habit of mine.” But right after he said those words, he burst into a cough. And even though he was suppressing himself, he coughed up with a pool of blood.

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan got shocked, but then, he hurriedly took out a silver a needle. However, when he was about to get close to him. The Crippled Old Man stops him: “My body… … I know it very clear.”

The Crippled Old Man took out a veil and wiped the blood from his mouth. Then, he added: “This body won’t last long. But, I’ll make sure to see him fall before I will meet my end.”

Master, you mustn’t say that. This apprentice will give you a good report next time, so you must take good care of your body. This apprentice hasn’t been filial to you.” Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan said with reddened eyes. So obviously, he has a big respect and deep feelings to this old man.

Although the Crippled Old Man had kept Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan for his revenge. He mentored him for years, so how can he have no deep feelings for this apprentice? The Crippled Old Man sighed and then said: “You are very filial. If it weren’t for you, this Master wouldn’t have lived up to this day. And as for my body, you don’t need to worry too much. This body will last up to the day Divine Doctor Mo got ruin. Master will give you a lift until then.”

But as for what that lift is, the Crippled old man didn’t mention it. Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan didn’t also ask about it.


The days had passed by so fast. Because in a blink of an eye, Xiao Tianyao’s a month of consideration has ended. Another 20 days had passed, but Xiao Tianyao didn’t ask her answer. As if he had completely forgotten about it.

However, Lin Chujiu knows clearly that Xiao Tianyao didn’t forget it. It’s just, he was too busy, so he had no energy to ask her.

The Emperor investigated his son’s accident to find the people behind it, but because he didn’t find any clue about them. He concluded that it was Xiao Tianyao’s doing. So within this month, all he did was to put pressure on Xiao Tianyao’s people. The prison got overcrowded because of it.

Control Yuan, Judicial Court, and Military Affairs become very busy. There were new cases every day about Xiao Tianyao’s people. So, the government officials had no choice but to work all night. However… …

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