Chapter 149: Woke up and He will let her go this time (Part 2)

Xiao Tianyao woke up confused, so he looks around his surrounding. After looking, he found out that he was still inside the new house. But, he still couldn’t tell what the current is or how long he had fallen asleep.

Xiao Tianyao looked up and saw a bottle hanging above his head. Then, he looked at the side and saw the dead tired Lin Chujiu. At that moment, Xiao Tianyao’s eyes flashed: Lin Chujiu, who exactly are you? How many more secrets do you have?

“Perhaps, benwang should ask Tiancang Pavillion to check on you.” Xiao Tianyao said to himself.

*Flop… Flop…*

Xiao Tianyao looks at the water in the transparent bottle above his head for a long period of time. He only closes his eyes when he determined that it’s not harmful to his body.

And since Lin Chujiu doesn’t want him to find out. He decided to pretend that he didn’t see anything. Anyway, sooner or later he will find out all of her secrets!

After closing his eyes, Xiao Tianyao heard Lin Chujiu’s shallow breathing. Xiao Tianyao felt a peace of mind, even though he couldn’t move his body.

In a brightly lit small wooden house, a man and a woman were lying there quietly. The atmosphere is very warm, but suddenly “a loud noise” break the peace.

Xiao Tianyao looked toward where the sound is coming from and saw an hourglass made of iron plate. And this iron plate is making a sound.

“Time is up!” Lin Chujiu who had fallen asleep immediately open her eyes when she heard the sound.

Lin Chujiu did not only woke up with bloodshot eyes but also confused. So, in just one look, Xiao Tianyao could tell that Lin Chujiu was very tired. After seeing her sunken eyes, Xiao Tianyao’s disappointment immediately vanished. 

Benwang will let you go this time!

Lin Chujiu looked over Xiao Tianyao, but before she could see him awake. Xiao Tianyao has already closed his eyes as if he was deep asleep!

Lin Chujiu look over the IV fluid next. And when she found out that it’s still not empty, she rubbed her sore arms. Then, she gets up to clean the operating room.

“Before, whenever someone told me I could finish an eight-hour straight operation alone, I only smile at it. But, now… … It seems I really have to force myself.”

Lin Chujiu said with full of regret. As if Xiao Tianyao is not in the same room as her. Well, in her eyes, Xiao Tianyao will not awake because of the anesthesia!

Lin Chujiu is very confident in her skills. And so, she never thinks of the possibility that Xiao Tianyao would wake up.

Seeing the IV Fluid nearly empty, Lin Chujiu pulled out the needle and then called Doctor Wu to come in, so that Xiao Tianyao could be transferred: “Doctor Wu, Wangye might get in a critical condition tonight, so I will stay with him. You can rest in your room and I will rest tomorrow morning.”

“Wangfei, can your body handle it?” Doctor Wu anxiously asked when he saw Lin Chujiu’s face was pale.

He knows Lin Chujiu’s physical condition. He knows Lin Chujiu was poisoned and was weaker than any ordinary person. And she got even weaker when she was heavily injured.

However, Lin Chujiu said with a smile: “Tonight is very important. If Wangye got into an accident, you and I will die.”

“Oh … …” What Lin Chujiu had said is true, so Doctor Wu no longer tried to persuade her and only said: “Wangfei, I will send Wangye back to his room. You can go to eat or take a bath. If you won ‘t, you wouldn’t be able to watch Wangye.”

“Rest assured, I myself is a doctor, so I can take care of myself.” Lin Chujiu said easily. Doctor Wu knows that these words are nothing but a lie.

Doctors don’t take care of themselves, that’s why they easily died when got overworked… …

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 149: Woke up and He will let her go this time (Part 2)

  1. Very sad story for such wonderful female mc. All her sufferings from d day she stepped into this body. Will her life turn better and stronger? Really hope so.

  2. Thanks for choosing to translate this novel and not OCT, I hope that the operation was a success so she can leave this place and live new adventures!

  3. That last sentence is so true!!! My aunt is a doctor and she was always able to take care of so many people until they were all better but when it came to herself she was a bit neglectful!

  4. I’m always so excited for your updates. Thank you so much. I can’t wait, I really hope that she gets to leave, and the ML regrets it. But then a tiny bit of my heart wants them to end up together.

  5. Heh want to do some investigation on our darling LCJ? Even that Tiancang pavilion wont be able to gather much. How sad it is that only the servants understand LCJ ‘s pain. Hopefully this part will be finished soon and let LCJ go to her dream land like all those cliché transmigration novel. Screw the romance.

    Thanks for the chapter

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