Chapter 170: The crime scene and To keep one’s mouth sealed (Part 2)

“My God!… …” The daring young miss becomes pale and walk back again and again and bumped into the person behind her.

“What? What’s going on?” The young miss who didn’t see the scene got curious and wanted to come in. But, she got pulled: “Don’t! Don’t go in. There, there were lots of dead people! They look so terrible!”

“Dead? Princess Xiao is dead? Princess Xiao was killed?” The young miss turns back immediately and responded. As soon as her words came out, the other people went pale in fear.

Princess Fu An, the pampered imperial princess wanting to humiliate Lin Chujiu is a different issue. But, if Lin Chujiu died in here, Prince Xiao will definitely take their life, right?

“No, it’s… … The assassins, the assassins were killed. They died miserably! Hurry! Hurry! let’s move out.” The young miss who saw the scene didn’t want to get in trouble, so she rushed outside.

The other people that didn’t saw the scene wanted to take a look. But, Princess Fu An didn’t give them an opportunity. She coldly stares and said: “I suddenly remember that Princess Xiao is not in the Xiaoxang Hall. She was resting in the fragrant garden. This imperial princess had sent people to take care of them earlier. Young ladies no need to get panic, nothing happened to Princess Xiao. These people were drunk guards that had a fight. You all must be frightened.” 

“Oh, oh… …” Some young misses are not stupid but didn’t dare to refute.

Princess Fu An then added: “These people are under my governance. I’m very ashamed but, I would like to ask all of you to help me hide this incident. What ought to see and what ought to say, I’m sure you all know of this.”

This is to seal to their mouth!

The other people immediately understood her meaning. No matter what they see or hear, they should only leave with a smile. One young miss immediately exclaimed: “We just came to see the scenery in the bamboo forest, but we didn’t see anything.”

“Yes, yes, yes, we just came to see the scenery in the bamboo forest and saw nothing.” Several young misses who followed Princess Fu An’s request immediately were only ordinary noble. So, naturally, they wouldn’t want to get in her bad side in fear.

“Thank you.” Princess Fu An said, then nodded her head: “Let’s all go back now, the others are waiting.”

Afterward, Princess Fu An took a big step forward. The other young misses followed behind her.

Smart people roughly guessed Princess Fu An plans. But, they only smile and said nothing.

Smart people know what to speak and what not.

Lin Chujiu and her other two maidservants didn’t go too far. They hide in the bamboo forest. But, after seeing Princess Fu An left, Lin Chujiu said: “Let’s go, we’ll go to Shanshu and Manao.”

If they wanted to completely get away with this incident, the five of them must appear all together.

“They both went to the small kitchen, but haven’t appeared,” Feicui said to give clue.

“We’ll go the small kitchen.” The bamboo forest is a big place. Lin Chujiu doesn’t believe that Princess Fu An already throws them out.

Without surprise, Lin Chujiu found the unconscious Shanshu and Manao inside the small kitchen. After waking them up, the master and maidservants cleaned themselves.

Lin Chujiu’s clothes were stained with blood, but not her spare clothes. As long as they went back and took her spare clothes. She’ll be able to change her clothes.

Lin Chujiu’s spare clothes were still inside the Xiaoxang hall. But, only Feicui went out to get it. Lin Chujiu and the others stayed in the small kitchen. If Feicui won’t return, the four of them will not… …

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