Chapter 182: Habitual style, Crying back at home (Part 2)

Princess Fu An also knew that she was wrong regarding in this matter, so she no longer dared to argue. She only said: “Imperial brother, this matter is in the past now, there’s no use in blaming me. But now, I was wronged, in order to please Prince Xiao, the Cui Family throw away my face. I don’t feel good about this.”

“The Cui Family didn’t throw away your face for Prince Xiao. It was you… … You were the Cui Family’s daughter-in-law, but you threw away their face.” The emperor saw right through Princess Fu An’s plan. And because he saw right through it, he felt that Princess Fu An was stupid.

It doesn’t matter if you do bad things. You can do bad things as many as you want. But, if you got caught and didn’t repent, that is the time you were wrong.

“Then, what should we do?” All these years, Princess Fu An lived a good life. Whether she is in the palace or in the Cui Family, everyone pleased her. She hasn’t deal any situation like this.

“You don’t need to do anything else but wait. As long as the Cui Family lived in the East Country, I can deal with them one way or another.” In any case, it was his sister who is wrong, so he has no room to discuss things.

Because of the emperor’s words, Princess Fu An settled in the palace.

When Princess Fu An left, the Cui family continued to discuss things. They all felt that what their headmaster did is too much. They really don’t need to offend Princess Fu An for Prince Xiao.

The Headmaster of Cui Family didn’t explain his decision, he only asked his third son, who married Princess Fu An: “Third son, what do you think about this matter?”

“Since Princess Fu An married me, when she had done something wrong, she must be punished according to the Cui Family’s rules. The Cui Family has its own strength. We are not doing this to pleased Prince Xiao. We are only following the Cui Family’s habitual style.” Cui Third son said lightly. But, the meaning of his words is clear.

Everyone who was present felt ashamed when they heard him. Years of political pressure made them all forget the strength of their family.

The Headmaster of Cui Family nodded his head in satisfaction: “What Third Son has said is correct. Our Cui Family has its own strength. Xiao Family is on top of us, but it doesn’t mean Princess Fu An can just ignore our Cui Family’s rules. Besides, Prince Xiao has given us the opportunity to make decisions.”

“What does father mean to say?” Cui second son asked.

The Headmaster of Cui Family did not say much, he only said: “This matter is for father to make an arrangement. You only have to do your own thing. Princess Fu An’s matter is Third son’s matter. Third son is not in a hurry. So, you too don’t need to worry.”

“This son understands.” The Headmaster of Cui Family has absolute authority in the Cui family.

After things were set, on the second day, Cui Third Son visited Xiao Wangfu and brought gifts. While facing Xiao Tianyao’s cold face, Cui Third Son was rather calm, look generous and unaffected.

In his speech, he never said Princess Fu An is innocent. He only said that due to Cui Family’s negligence, Princess Xiao was frightened and they are willing to compensate.

Cui Third Son was an elegant man, he was very handsome and talented person. He was a genius among all the genius. Countless young ladies were introduced to him during his youth. But, he didn’t want to think about so many wives, he only wants one person. He was also a family oriented person. Otherwise, Princess Fu An would not be so desperate to marry him.

“Prince Xiao, this incident happened due to our Cui Family’s negligence. I don’t dare to ask Prince Xiao and Princess Xiao’s forgiveness. I only want to ask Prince Xiao to give us a chance to do something for Princess Xiao, as compensation for frightening her.” Even when making amendments, a person couldn’t dare to belittle him.

This is the first time Xiao Tianyao had a deal with Cui Family’s Third Son. Seeing someone as high class as him, bowing his head. Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but think: What a pity.

Unfortunately, he was married to Princess Fu An. His grand future was blocked.

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