Chapter 214: Delusion, bow (Part 1)

No matter how much Lin Xiang and Lin Wanting turn the black into a white. It was a fact that Lin Wanting took the initiative to enter Xiao Wangfu.

So, even if Lin Wanting insist that it’s to take care of her sister, it was useless. After all, without invitation or consent of Lin Chujiu, Lin Wanting has no right to come in Xiao Wangfu.

There were things Housekeeper Cao couldn’t speak of. But, Lin Chujiu has no need to hesitate. Just like in this matter, Lin Chujiu immediately shattered Lin Xiang’s advantage in the situation, after she spoke.

Lin Xiang was so angry, but he was afraid to look more shameless. He immediately pulled Lin Wanting to leave.

Lin Wanting still wanted to stay, but Lin Xiang stared at her angrily.

After entering the carriage, Lin Wanting didn’t stop crying.

She put her life at stake to grab this last opportunity. But, Xiao Wangfu’s people didn’t put an importance to it. They swept her out from their the door. They humiliate and embarrassed her. Only their unwillingness was visible in her eyes, which she couldn’t understand why.

Lin Wanting was really sad at this moment. She knew she missed this last opportunity. She will never have a chance to get close to Xiao Wangye. Her father will never let her marry Prince Xiao.

Just by thinking that she’ll never get a chance to marry Xiao Wangye in this life, Lin Wanting was even more heartbroken. Hearing Lin Wanting cries, Lin Xiang got even more furious.

In Xiao Wangfu, he defended Lin Wanting, but it doesn’t mean, he didn’t know the truth. He knew Lin Wanting has feelings for Xiao Wangye. He just didn’t want to lose his face. Most of all, he didn’t want to let Lin Chujiu made him lose a face.

Lin Xiang rushed back home with a bad temper. Lin Furen had already received the news, so she was worried. But, she still came out and hurriedly greeted Lin Xiang: “Laoye… …”

As soon as Lin Xiang saw Lin Furen’s face, he was even more furious. He gave her a slap in the face when he finished to say: “Wanting doesn’t know how to be sensible, but you also acted like ignorant?”


With the loud slapping sound, not only Lin Furen was shocked, but also the maidservants on the side and Lin Wanting.

“You, you hit me?” Lin Furen’s eyes widened in disbelief. She really couldn’t understand what just happened.

Lin Xiang also regretted it a bit. But, he could only clench his fist and act tough: “The next time you sent Wanting in the Xiao Wangfu, you will not only receive a simple slap.”

After he finished, Lin Xiang waved his sleeves and left Lin Furen, standing stiffly in the same spot. As if she lost her life.

Lin Wanting was terrified, she staggered a bit when she took a step forward, but she still held her mother’s hand and yelled with full of worries: “Mother, what happened to you? Don’t scare me, don’t scare me.”

The moment Lin Furen recovered her mind, she indifferently looked at Lin Wanting. She pushed her away and coldly said: “Now, are you satisfied?” Then, she turned around and left.

“Mother, mother …” Lin Wanting fell and sit on the floor. As she watched Lin Furen leave, her whole body become cold.

Why? Why did this happen?

Lin Chujiu, it’s because of Lin Chujiu, this is all Lin Chujiu’s fault… …

As Lin Wanting thought of this, Princess Fuzhou Zhang’s face emerged from her mind. Her originally shaking heart, also abnormally harden this time: “Lin Chujiu, I won’t let you go. You must pay for this!”

Lin Chujiu was not aware of the fact that Lin Wanting was so anxious to eat her bones and suck her blood. When she was merely protecting her rights and place. But, even if Lin Chujiu knew, she would do the same.

Yielding will not give birth to peace, it will only give other people a chance to take advantage of you again.

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  1. What a crazy girl, when sister had fiance, she had to seduce him now because sister had husband she want him even if he is cripple (at least for outsiders).

  2. Why blame on chijiu? Wanting is the one who kept on pestering. Why not look at the bigger picture who really is at fault and blame herself. Typical dumb villain, Lin Wanting is Feng Chen Yu #2

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