Chapter 235: Miscalculation, Chicken speaking with duck (Part 2)

After putting away her arrogance and pride, she became smart and had a strong mind. She did not only learned when to advance or retreat, but also has medical skills. In the end, was Lin Chujiu pretending to be stupid or Xiao Wangye was really highly skilled in managing his people?

Looking at the Lin Xiang, who kept on pleading for mercy. The Emperor’s eyes were in trance. Until Lin Xiang could no longer sustain himself and almost collapsed. The Emperor only opened his mouth: “Leave.”


For the last time, Lin Xiang kowtowed and then sat up: “Thank you, Huangshang.”

Lin Xiang walked away with a bloody face. He didn’t dare to wipe his face… …

Inside the imperial hall, a little eunuch carried a bucket and wiped the blood on the floor. Not long after, the floor returned to its original appearance. As if nothing happened… …


When Divine Doctor Mo waited for his owned people to come for a long time. He knew at once that something happened. He also knew that someone made a calculation with him. Although tired, Divine Doctor Mo rushed back to the capital. And finally, he arrived before the capital gate had closed.

Divine Doctor Mo then hurriedly sent out a message. A pigeon flew in the sky and disappeared further and further. Seeing that, Divine Doctor Mo sighed in relief.

No matter what, he has to solve this problem first. Otherwise, those sects will be destroyed by Xiao Tianyao. If that happened, he will be a sinner and no one will give him a face anymore.

The next moment, Divine Doctor remembered the third prince’s condition. He hurriedly returned to the palace. He didn’t know that the pigeon he had released in the sky was killed before it flew outside the capital.

Tang Shier, aka Tang Tang, looked at the lined up pigeons on the ground. He was very sleepy: “This one is almost 100th. This is killing me. Little Chichi, why aren’t you coming back? If you won’t come back, how am I going to eat them all?”

“Oh! it’s coming, it’s coming again…how could this be? How annoying!”

Tang Tang complained while shooting the pigeons flying in the sky. The pigeon’s number flying in the sky was larger during the night. But, Tang Tang seemed not affected. Even during the night, no pigeons escaped his eyes.

This was the skill of assassin, Tang Shier. Although he was very unreliable and his IQ was as tender as he looked. No one can match his talent. He was born to eat the rice bowl of an assassin. 


At night, Lin Chujiu was lying on her bed, but refusing to sleep. She was planning to “accidentally” meet  Xiao Tianyao, who was sneaking every night. She wanted to tell him that it was wrong, but… …

In the middle of the night, Lin Chujiu could no longer hold it. Her eyelids and willpower keep on fighting, but her body couldn’t resist. After a quarter of an hour, she finally closed her eyes and fell asleep.

After another quarter of an hour, Xiao Tianyao appeared in Lin Chujiu’s room as usual. But, knowing the effect of the incense, Xiao Tianyao no longer poke Lin Chujiu to faint. He just directly lie on her bed and gently embraced her. As soon as the fresh and clean quilt covered their body, Xiao Tianyao also fell asleep.

When the sky was not yet bright, Xiao Tianyao wakes up and get up without hesitation. He didn’t even looked at Lin Chujiu. He just opened the door and walked out of the room. Behind him, An Wei put a cloak over his shoulder.

After half an hour, Lin Chujiu woke up and found traces of a person lying on her side… …

“What the hell is going on?” Lin Chujiu, who was sitting on the bed with a quilt, stared at Xiao Tianyao’s place. She really couldn’t understand it.

She was very sure that Xiao Tianyao didn’t feed her any medicine. Although her shoulder was not aching like before, she didn’t know when Xiao Tianyao came, nor leave.

“Do I really sleep this deep?”

That is totally impossible…

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 235: Miscalculation, Chicken speaking with duck (Part 2)

  1. XTY sleeping so soundly while hugging LCJ is so adorable and reminds me of when my parents hug me whem i get nightmares when i was little. They could’ve been a perfect couple if not for that assholes personality

  2. Why can’t he be more open about his feelings…. urgh… such cold personality… wonder if he will ever warm up to Lin Chujiu…

  3. This big man XTY was cunning and too full of himself. If he just take a step back and admitted his wrong then apologise to LCJ, he will get all her love again without need to be sneaky, was he not tired with all the act?

    Thanks Ai 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  4. “He was born to eat the rice bowl of an assassin. ”

    I think it means “He was born to make a living as an assassin”. “Rice” is synonym of food in general, and “rice bowl” of the livelihood in general. E.g. “iron rice bowl” means “job for life”.

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