Chapter 265: Wangye, don’t worry… (Part 1)

Because Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu appeared in the Ci Entang. And Lin Chujiu, a Wangfei personally took care of the abandoned children. It made many people stared at the Ci Entang. Those people think that they might be something unknown behind the Ci Entang. Otherwise, why would Xiao Wangye and Xiao Wangfei pay attention to the abandoned children?

Among those people, was Imperial Doctor Qin. Although Imperial Doctor Qin cannot admit his Master, he couldn’t turn a blind eye on this case. He was sure that this was part of Xiao Wangye’s counterattack to Divine Doctor Mo. Seeing Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu went to the Ci Entang, Imperial Doctor Qin immediately investigated the case. After investigating, he found out some useful clues.

Imperial Doctor Qin found out that, not only the Ci Entang in the capital has disabled children and thin babies, but all over the Eastern Country. There was no single older child, nor a healthy child.

Imperial Doctor Qin smelled something fishy, so he continued to check and he found out that the older and healthy children were sold. He also found out that, every few years, Divine Doctor Mo bought a group of children. Divine Doctor Mo has a lot of disciples, so why would he buy so many children in the Ci Entang?

Although there was not enough evidence, Imperial Doctor Qin concluded that it must be related to some shady activity. No one in this world was a complete fool. As long as he will spread some doubt in the people’s heart, Divine Doctor Mo cannot pretend to be a righteous hero again. Even if he said that he didn’t do it, it will be difficult to hide his connection.

Imperial Doctor Qin didn’t directly attack Divine Doctor Mo. Instead, he borrowed the people’s mouth to exposed the hidden agenda of Ci Entang. The hidden agenda that they were selling the abandoned children.

This thing, however, was not exposed to the capital but rather, in another town not far from the capital. After the news was exposed, it shocked the people outside the capital. Many people questioned the palace court and government officials.

It was a good thing to adopt the abandon the children. But, how can the palace court collect money in exchange for those children? Didn’t they felt chill in their spines?

For so many years, Ci Entang has been selling abandoned children, but the palace court didn’t know it at all. If it weren’t for Xiao Wangye going to the Ci Entang, will this thing be exposed?

The government official’s lack of action disappoint a lot of people… …

At the moment, the ruling and power of the court were filled with accusations. Although no one dared to directly mention the emperor, but the words that came out from the people’s mouth speaks about the emperor’s incompetence. The government officials only eat the meat and drink the blood of the citizens.

The emperor was very angry and annoyed by this news. He never thought that a little place like Ci Entang will actually hit his face twice. So, he immediately ordered to investigate the whole case, it’s just… …

He never thought it was a big problem!

Countless children were sold over the years. Aside from Divine Doctor Mo, some brothels also bought some children in the Ci Entang. The remaining children will be secretly raised and then will be sold to the aristocratic family as slaves.

When some government officials heard this news, they couldn’t help but smell some conspiracy. What if those children that were sold to the government officials were raised as spies?

Not long ago, Xiao Wangye bought an information about their crimes from the Tiancang Pavillion. What if it was related to this?

The government officials brazen themselves and made a private investigation. After investigating, they found something wrong to a few servants in their house. These servants were most likely the abandoned children of Ci Entang.

The more they investigate, the more they found the case was a big problem. Just like Lin Xiang, after investigating, he found two servants in his house related to the case, so he immediately went to the palace and report to the emperor.

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