Chapter 286: Wronged, speechless (Part 1)

Although Lin Chujiu doesn’t know the strength of the shadow guard, she believed Xiao Tianyao’s people will be able to protect Lin Wanting.

After sending away the shadow guard, Lin Chujiu didn’t pay attention anymore. She continued sitting in the hall, accompanying the three Meng brothers. In addition to trying to get closer to her uncles, Lin Chujiu also wanted to understand their character.

Fortunately, after some conversation, the three Meng brothers didn’t say anything bad. They only expressed goodwill, which made Lin Chujiu satisfied. After all, both sides need to cooperate in this matter. If they don’t have benefits, how will they help her?

In this world, only Meng Laofuren will unconditionally help her. Except for the kind old lady, no one will unconditionally stand behind her.

After sighing, Lin Chujiu picked up the teacup on the table, but she found out that the tea inside was cold, there was no longer temperature… …

After a half an hour, a maidservant from the Meng Family came and reported that Lin Wanting came back.

Lin Chujiu got up and said with a smile: “Wanting has successfully invited Divine Doctor Mo. Third Uncle, should we go out and welcome Wanting and Divine Doctor Mo?”

Meng Shi and Meng Er Laoye didn’t think too much, they immediately agreed. On the other hand, Meng San Laoye guessed the reason. He was sure Lin Chujiu was deliberately doing this, but he just closed his mouth.

Compared with Lin Chujiu, Lin Wanting was far worse in style and mentality. Even if she has Lin Xiang and the crown prince behind her, he’s afraid that Lin Wanting was still not Lin Chujiu’s opponent.

The three Meng Brother’s went outside, so naturally, the three Meng Furens followed. When they came out, they learned that Lin Wanting failed to invite Divine Doctor Mo. Meng Shi was looking forward to it, so no one dared to speak. They were afraid to touch a landmine. 

When Lin Chujiu and her party came out, Lin Wanting had already entered the gate. Seeing Lin Wanting all dirty and with messy hair, the Meng Family was dumbfounded: Isn’t she going to ask for medical advice? How come she ended up like this?

“Wanting, what happened to you?” Meng Da Furen felt bad, but she busily helped.

“Auntie… …” When Lin Wanting saw that Meng Family had come to welcome her, she could no longer hide her grievances. She weakly leaned her body to Meng Da Furen.

Meng Da Furen pushed Lin Wanting away, but asked softly: “What happened to you? Didn’t you go to seek Divine Doctor Mo’s medical advice? Why do you look like this?”

Lin Wanting doesn’t know what was the yellow thing that stained her clothes. But, she smells stinky and there were dry hays sticking on her head and face. The dry hays looked slimy, so she looked very disgusting.

“Auntie… …” As soon as Meng Da Furen mentioned Divine Doctor Mo’s name, Lin Wanting felt more wronged. She didn’t speak and just lowered her head.

Lin Chujiu didn’t come forward, she only looked at the shadow guard from the distance. The shadow guard seemed to understand Lin Chujiu’s meaning. He shook his head gently, indicating that Lin Wanting has failed.

Lin Chujiu also nodded her head gently, she didn’t say anything, but the smile on her eyes became even deeper.

It would be more strange if Lin Wanting succeeds.

Meng Da Furen looked at Lin Wanting’s appearance. Although she wasn’t happy with the result, she couldn’t say anything. So, she patted Lin Wanting’s back and comforted her: “Wanting, it doesn’t matter even if you failed. This is our family’s business, we will personally come to see Divine Doctor Mo.” Lin Wanting promised that she will do this for filial pity to the old lady, but when she was wronged a bit, she acted like it was the Meng Family’s fault and they should be sorry for her.

Lin Wanting knows that she didn’t do a good job, so she will definitely make them unhappy. She doesn’t want that.

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