Chapter 36: Door and pits of death

After two hours of sleep, Lin Chujiu stayed up the night and check Cao Lin’s conditions again. And finally, Cao Lin was able to pass through the dangerous phase and no longer has fever. But, he haven’t woken up.

“Cao Lin is now all right. You just need to continue giving him water and after two days, he will be able to wake up.” Lin Chujiu gave a positive respond after she finished checking Cao Lin.

Housekeeper Cao who has sunken cheeks and bloodshot eyes looks very old and haggard, but once he heard Lin Chujiu’s words his face shows a deep joy and hold Lin Chujiu’s hand, then said: “This slave thank Wangfei (Princess) for saving my son. I will never forget Wangfei‘s kindness. If Wangfei gets in trouble in the future, this slave is willing to die protecting Wangfei again and again.”

Is this what you called loyalty?

If Housekeeper Cao is an ordinary person, Lin Chujiu will be very happy. But, Housekeeper Cao is a loyal servant of Xiao Wangfu, so why would she dare to feel happy!

If Xiao Tianyao learns that she’s helping out because she wants to buy his people’s loyalty. Then, she will be more miserable.

So, Lin Chujiu just said: “Housekeeper Cao you shouldn’t thank me. You should thank Wangye (Prince). Wangye, repeatedly warn me that if I won’t be able to save Cao Lin. Then, I don’t have any reason to live too.”

Lin Chujiu said without leaving any credit to herself and instead, she tried to push all the credit to Xiao Tianyao. Housekeeper Cao was so touched and his eyes got teary when he heard that Xiao Tianyao threaten Lin Chujiu just to save his son.

“Cao Lin’s life is not that important compared to Wangfei. So, don’t mind Wangye‘s words much. He’s only in a bad mood in these past two days.” Housekeeper Cao was so happy, but at the same time, he was also worried.

He felt happy because Xiao Tianyao valued him and his son. But, he is worried that Xiao Tianyao’s words would have made Lin Chujiu unhappy.

He had been serving Xiao Wangfu for thirty years. But, no one was able to save son and only Lin Chujiu had turn the table. So, Housekeeper Cao proclaimed that he will never forget this favor and will treat her as the Princess of Xiao Wangfu.

 “He only said that so I will take care of Cao Lin seriously.” Lin Chujiu didn’t actually get angry and just took her medicine box: “Housekeeper Cao, I’ll go back and rest for now. If something happen to Cao Lin. Send someone immediately to inform me.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Housekeeper Cao answer her immediately and personally sent Lin Chujiu outside.  But still, he couldn’t help to ask: “Wangfei, if Cao Lin woke up, will he be the same like before?”

“I cannot guarantee that after all,  Cao Lin had a high fever for so long. So we could only check that once he woke up.” Lin Chujiu was able to save Cao Lin’s life, but she can’t guarantee if Cao Lin will be coherent or a fool.

Housekeeper Cao’s joy was reduced to half, but he still appreciates Lin Chujiu’s effort.

Everything will be fine, as long as his son lives.


After sending Lin Chujiu out. Housekeeper Cao went to see Xiao Tianyao and reported everything Lin Chujiu had said and dare not to hide anything.

“Very clever.” After listening, Xiao Tianyao gave a rare praise and then warned Housekeeper Cao not to let others know or else others will start looking down on her.

He threatened Lin Chujiu to do her best and not because he saw Lin Chujiu’s life unimportant than Cao Lin.

After all, a guard and a princess’s life is different.

Housekeeper Cao’s heart knows that very clear, so he dare not take it seriously and just agreed.


When Lin Chujiu came back to her courtyard, she ask Manao to prepare her a hot water and a food. Lin Chujiu washed away her fatigue and eat breakfast. She haven’t had a time sleep, but… …

She told Shanhu and Feicui to go back to their room and have a good rest. Then, she called Zhenzhu and Manao to turned over all the dowry things in the boxes.

In the end, Lin Chujiu wanted to see what flashy things Lin Furen gave her and made these maidservants said those things before.

When they turned over all the boxes, Lin Chujiu found out that Lin Furen really knows how to choose clothes and jewelry that could attract a man, but… …

They are too fancy and seems for an old lady. Which is really difficult to matches them. Lin Furen had really collected wonderful things, but they are worst to be used as dowry.

The more Lin Chujiu look the more her eyes turn dark. Zhenzhu who was standing on the side didn’t dare to say anything, she’s so afraid making Lin Chujiu felt more unhappy.

“Well, well, just look at all these.” Lin Chujiu said and couldn’t help but close the wooden box.  Then, told Zhenzhu and Manao: “The gems and the gold in those jewelries are really precious, but their style is too ugly. I even wanted to throw them away as soon as I’ve seen them. As for those clothes?”

Lin Chujiu could only look up and touch her forehead… …

After all, those clothes are only a pile of rags for her and there is no way that she will use them.

“Do whatever you want with those clothes. I don’t need them.” Although she knows modern pop mix colored clothes, but she really couldn’t force herself to wear bright colored clothes. After all, she is not a walking Christmas tree.

“This slave understand.” Zhenhu and Manao know what Lin Chujiu’s taste in clothes. But… …

Lin Furen is really something to prepare such things just to play around with Lin Chujiu.

All of those clothes and jewelries are completely a waste. And even an antique painting or calligraphy would be much better. They couldn’t really tell if Lin Furen wanted to cheat, but… …

Aside from those things, Lin Furen has prepared a fertile land before as part of Lin Chujiu’s dowry. However, the land look so good but it was near the south part of Yangtze river.

Lin Furen had chosen such land because there are a lot of unmarried men that lives in the southern part of the country. And they usually sell this land cheaply to use as part of their dowry.

And if Lin Chujiu will live in there, how can she bother to visit her family from thousand miles away?

So, even if the fertile land is from thousand miles away. Lin Furen look for a reliable person that is familiar with the place and prepare Lin Chujiu’s future property.

However, most people don’t buy a land from that place easily even though they know the harvest is good. Why? because no one can guarantee when will the flood of Yangzte River will occur.

Lin Chujiu felt so tired to argue and just threw the title of deeds, then said: “Help me find someone to sell the land no matter what the price is.”

After that, Lin Chujiu no longer speak. But, Zhenzhu and Manao couldn’t help but look at Lin Chujiu with sympathy as their heart started to hate Lin Furen.

Lin Furen really have a big courage to dare to bully the princess of their Wangfu.

They must report this thing to Prince Xiao, so he could see the real color of Lin Furen. Lin Furen shouldn’t think that no one is supporting Lin Chujiu as Xiao Wangfu’s princess!

The two maidservants secretly made a decision inside their heart. Lin Family should just wait for their action. However… …


Lin Xiang sent silvers to Xiao Wangfu as part of Lin Chujiu’s dowry. And told that since Prince Xiao and Lin Chujiu is not satisfied with the people they had sent. They decided to sell those maidservants so that Lin Chujiu could use those silvers to buy the maidservant that she wants.

Lin family had embraced all their wrong doings, but every words they implied shows that Prince Xiao is too insolent. He married into their family but the next day he sent away all the Lin Family’s servant and didn’t put their family in his eyes.

But, as for those maidservant’s contract. Lin Family didn’t even mention them.

When the news spread and reached Lin Chujiu’s ear. Her hair instantly fired up. After all, she doesn’t want to offend Xiao Tianyao as much as possible because it can cause her life… …

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