Chapter 382: Crying, can’t say it (Part 1)

The emperor of the east is a very diligent person. According to Lin Chujiu’s understanding, the emperor was usually inside the palace hall, with ten or more palace ministers when discussing political businesses. Her presence here will inevitably attract attention, so the emperor will care about her even if he doesn’t want to.

But of course, even if there are no palace ministers in the hall right now, it doesn’t really matter. There is still half an hour before the palace gate officially closed. She can kneel here for half an hour.

Today, the emperor let her kneel the palace hall for quite a long time. So now, her knees were hurting, but she hasn’t got any good benefit. Even if Princess Fushou Zhang sent people to humiliate her, the emperor only took advantage of her as if she was only a child.

The Emperor wanted to hide that he falsely accused and imprisoned her, that is absolutely impossible!

Regardless of what, she had already knelt for a long time now. Kneeling for another half an hour is not a problem as long as she can gain something.


Just like what Lin Chujiu was expecting, the emperor was discussing important business with the palace ministers. Because Lin Chujiu had delayed the emperor’s business many times today, he could only press back some important matters. However, today, not only a few palace ministers were present but quite a lot of numbers of them.

The eunuchs outside were aware of the situation inside. So, they didn’t say anything to Lin Chujiu when they saw her. But, when she knelt, it really scared them. The eunuch busily came forward and also kneel on her side: “Xiao Wangfei, what are you doing? Do you have something to ask the emperor?”

“Yes, I want to ask the emperor to seek justice for me.” Lin Chujiu’s face was full of anger as if she suffered great injustice.

“Xiao Wangfei, the emperor is in the palace hall, discussing important matters with the palace minister. If there is something you need, can’t you go and find the empress instead?” The eunuch tried to persuade Lin Chujiu.

The eunuch next to Lin Chujiu had seen the event earlier. Lin Chujiu escaped from the palace prison. But even after returning, she didn’t receive any punishment. Instead, the emperor gave her a meal. It can be seen that Lin Chujiu has some skills and cannot be offended, so he didn’t dare to provoke her.

“Only the emperor can seek justice for me.” Go to the Empress? What if the empress got so shocked and pretend nothing happened just to wash her hand?

In your dreams!

“Xiao Wangfei, please don’t make things hard on us, this is the palace hall, it’s not a place you can come.” When the eunuch see that Lin Chujiu has no intention to listen, his face slightly changed.

He admits that he is afraid to offend Lin Chujiu, but it doesn’t mean that he has no temper. The people around the emperor knew that the emperor hated Xiao Wangfu’s people. They are slaves. However, although they didn’t dare to offend any of them, they will also not show respect.

“I didn’t say I will enter the hall. I’ll just kneel and wait here until the emperor comes  out.” Lin Chujiu said with full of confidence. The eunuch trembled in anger and said:  “Then you wait here on your knees.”

After saying those words, the eunuch stood up and ignored Lin Chujiu. But… …

When he turned his back on Lin Chujiu, he frowned his eyebrows. If Lin Chujiu kept kneeling here, and the palace ministers saw her when they come out, who knows how many rumors will circulate around.

“How unlucky, how unlucky of me to meet Xiao Wangfei here.” The eunuch was upset, but he didn’t dare to push away Lin Chujiu.

The eunuch quietly entered the hall, while the emperor was not paying attention. He made eye contact with the court eunuch. After the person came towards him, he reported the situation one by one.

“Are you serious?” When the court eunuch heard of it, his eyebrows immediately knitted.

“I don’t dare to lie to gongong, If gonggong doesn’t believe it, you can go out and see. Xiao Wangfei is still outside.” The eunuch bent his waist and made a gesture to show the way. The court eunuch quickly walked out and saw Lin Chujiu kneeling in there.


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