Chapter 381: Justice, kneel to have value (Part 2)

“The princess, asking this now, don’t you think it’s a bit too late?” Lin Chujiu didn’t answer kindly: “The words that the princess just said, I will write them. To have an intention to kill an imperial princess, even if you are a princess yourself, I’m afraid that, you can’t save yourself.”

When she finally got what she wanted, Lin Chujiu no longer entangled herself with Princess Fushou Zhang. She put back the silver needle, then said with a seemingly look like a smile: “Princess, this account between us must be settled. I will not forget what you did last night, I will go to the emperor right now and seek justice.”

Lin Chujiu smiled and turned around gracefully… …

In this dirty place, why would she be willing to give a treatment.

Princess Fushou Zhang had a cold sweat in the back, she also had a bad feeling: “Lin Chujiu, what do you mean? You stop, I told you to stop, didn’t you hear me?”

Lin Chujiu didn’t hear in general, she didn’t turn her head. She just walked away.

“Stop her, stop her quickly, don’t let her go out.” Princess Fushou Zhang yelled, the palace maidservant and eunuchs also knew the importance of this matter. They came forward to block Lin Chujiu: “Xiao Wangfei, please stay.”

“Since when do you have the right to stop this wangfei where she wants to go?” Lin Chujiu stepped forward. The palace maidservants and eunuchs stepped back… …

“Xiao Wangfei, please stay.” A daring small eunuch stopped Lin Chujiu, but he hasn’t had a chance to stretch out his arm when he heard Lin Chujiu said: “If you dare to touch even a single strand of my hair, I will say that you wanted to kill this wangfei.”

“Huangshang, huangshang will not believe you.” The small eunuch was shocked.

Lin Chujiu kept on walking forward, while saying: “Try it. If I kill you now from attempting to kill me. Do you think the emperor will punish me for killing you?”

Once forced to the extent, threatening became much easier. It’s not actually scary do it from time to time.

“This, this is the palace… …” The small eunuch’s face was pale, he didn’t dare to touch Lin Chujiu. He walked backward step by step… …

“So what if this is the palace? Princess Fushou Zhang was about to get killed, it happened that this wangfei is present and killed the assassin. What do you think will happen?” Lin Chujiu kicked the eunuch when he was still in shock… …

“Ah…” The small eunuch didn’t notice that there was a step behind him. He immediately fell down and knocked his head, then fainted.

Fortunately, the medical system didn’t send an alarm.

Lin Chujiu’s cold facial expression remained the same, but deep inside her heart. She was quite relieved.

Today, she came to the palace to play as a powerful figure, not to save people who harm her. That picture must be too strange to look at.

Seeing how violent Lin Chujiu was, the palace maidservants and eunuchs didn’t dare to come forward. They just stand in front of Lin Chujiu. But, when Lin Chujiu took a step forward, they step aside.


Outside Princess Fushou Zhang’s room, the palace guards immediately came forward, but they didn’t dare to capture Lin Chujiu. They only followed behind her. Unless Lin Chujiu causes trouble, they can’t take a shot.

A bit far from Princess Fushou Zhang’s room, the maidservants and eunuchs didn’t hear her command. So, when Lin Chujiu coldly said: “Open the door!” They only looked at each other and quietly let Lin Chujiu get out.

No one stopped her, so Lin Chujiu was able to leave fast. The palace guards wanted to block Lin Chujiu, but in the end, they didn’t dare to do so. They were threatened by Lin Chujiu. If they hurt her, it will become troublesome.

Without question, Lin Chujiu arrived at the palace main hall quite fast. The palace main hall is where the emperor usually does his official work, women cannot just enter easily. Fortunately, Lin Chujiu didn’t intend to go inside, she just… …

*Plop* Knelt outside!



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  1. What is Lin Chujiu scheming by kneeling outside? Going to lament that Princess Fushou Zhang threaten to kill her again when she was giving treatment?

  2. But I must say that all guards are nothing worth if they are emperor’s but were other side power is only status they afraid do something. And what for feed someone like it.

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