Chapter 408: Forward, should he tell her? (Part 2)

The sky was bright, but the battle in the hidden mountain was still not over. According to Demon Lord’s original plan, they must capture Nannuo Li before dawn. But now, it seems to have become a question, whether they could catch him or not.


In the capital, the Meng Family

Because the murderer committed suicide, the clue to find the cause of death of Meng Laofuren was cut off again. Meng brothers had to temporarily put down the matter and focus on their mother’s funeral.

Lin Chujiu knew that she couldn’t be of help here. Instead, her family had to take care of her. So when it was dawn, she said she will go back home to change clothes.

Her grandmother was dead, she should change clothes to show filial piety.

The Meng Family didn’t stop her. Meng Dafuren sent Lin Chujiu out, then she arranged the hall for Meng Laofuren’s funeral.

When Lin Chujiu left, Lin Xiang and Lin Furen, who received the news, also informed Lin Wanting. As soon as they received news, the three changed their clothes and went to the Meng Family. Seeing the white lanterns, Lin Furen’s tears fell… …

Lin Furen and Lin Wanting started crying. Meng Erfuren and Meng Sanfuren comforted them. While at it, Lin Furen asked many times how the old lady died. The two madams said the old lady suddenly had a serious illness and didn’t mention anything about the events earlier.

After looking at the old lady, Lin Xiang went close to the Meng brothers and asked about the cause of death of Meng Laofuren. The three brothers also said that the old lady suddenly had a serious illness, and because of her current condition, things became unfavorable to her.

The three brothers didn’t mention anything about Lin Chujiu. In the past, they admired and respected Lin Xiang as their brother-in-law. But, ever since he married Lin Furen, the three of them gradually lose their feelings.

Especially, when Lin Chujiu married Xiao Tianyao. The three brothers no longer associated with Lin Family. Under Meng Laofuren’s teachings and beating, the three of them put a high guard against Lin Xiang.

Their mother often beat them and other grandchildren, while saying: Those people who can sacrifice their daughter, what else can’t they sacrifice for power and fame?

Right, if he can sacrifice his daughter, what more the outsiders?

Lin Xiang didn’t believe their words, but the Meng Family members didn’t say anything. Other people in the house doesn’t know the ins and out of the matter. Lin Xiang couldn’t find anything, so he had no choice but to put aside his doubt.

After Lin Xiang arrived, other people also came to their door one after another. It was impossible for the three brothers to continue entertaining Lin Xiang. And so, they soon went out to received the people.


Lin Chujiu was still riding a horse when she back home. There were no people on the street early in the morning. Lin Chujiu, with no scruples, let the horse run wild… …

The wind in the morning has a cold trace and whirring sound past through her ear.   Usually, the wind was invincible, but at this time, it was substantial sharp making her cheeks feel in pain, but Lin Chujiu didn’t show any painful expression on her face…. …

Looking at the passing scenery on both sides, Lin Chujiu’s gripped in the reigns became tighter.

The passing scenery seems like reminding her that the old lady was now behind her. Even when she keeps running forward, she will always be behind her… …

However, when turned back, no one was there.

“Ahhh…” Lin Chujiu yelled out loud, trying to vent out her anger.

The shadow guard looked towards the wild horse. Lin Chujiu looked like a madman, so his heart flashed with a trace of hesitation… …

Should he tell her what he just found out?

If their wangfei knows about it, will she pull out a sword and kill people in anger?


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  1. Don’t tell me the shadow guard found out that Grandmother’s death has to do with the Lin family? I am not surprise it is Lin Xiang’s handiwork since he is such a busybody asking how the old lady died.

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