Chapter 409: Behind the scenes, it can’t be him (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu rode very fast, she will almost arrive half earlier of the time than when she left. Behind her, the shadow guards, who were following closely, their heart almost leap out from their chest. They wanted to hold and control the reigns for Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu’s horse-riding skill was good, but… …

Riding horse like a madman in the street is dangerous.

What if someone, who wants to harm her pop out and she lost control of the horse and she fell off?

At such a fast speed, they can’t guarantee that they’ll be able to catch her in time.

If she becomes disabled or died, they will die!

Fortunately, although Lin Chujiu rode the horse like crazy, she still has a sense of proportion. She will not make fun of her life or the lives of others. When the population in the street increased, she slowed down.

But still, the shadow guards couldn’t feel at ease. Their hanging heart only calmed down when Lin Chujiu arrived in Xiao Wangfu without any problem.

“Wangfei didn’t fall off the horse, this is great.”

The shadow guard, who went out with Lin Chujiu expressed his feelings.

Housekeeper Cao already knows what happened to the Meng Family. So this early morning, he let the servants changed all the bright color in the house into white.

A granddaughter who married outside doesn’t necessarily need to do this, but Lin Chujiu was now the headmaster of Xiao Wangfu. Housekeeper Cao knows Lin Chujiu and Meng Laofuren’s closeness. So of course, he must do this, as to not make Lin Chujiu dissatisfied.

“Wangfei, you can change to your mourning clothes.” When Housekeeper Cao saw Lin Chujiu’s eyes were red, he carefully opened his mouth.

Lin Chujiu slightly nodded her head and said nothing.

Housekeeper Cao knows that Lin Chujiu was in a bad mood, so he adjusted his tone when he said: “Wangfei, this slave made all the necessary arrangement, you can go back in Guogongfu with confidence. This slave ready everything, you can go back as soon as you changed your clothes.”

“Mmm.” Lin Chujiu simply said and walked towards the front yard.

When Housekeeper Cao saw the four maidservants came out and greet Lin Chujiu, he quietly retired.

After moving to the front yard, everything became much more convenient than before to Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujuu was now used to living in the front yard. If she moved back to the backyard, she’s afraid that she’ll have a hard time.

However, all her dowry was still in the backyard. Housekeeper Cao asked Lin Chujiu several times if she wants to move all her belongings to the front yard, but Lin Chujiu didn’t agree.

The dowry that Lin Furen prepared for her was valuable, but not very expensive. The silver ticket was collected by her, and the others were left untouched.

This was the first time the four maidservants saw Lin Chujiu very depressed in the first half of the year. They didn’t dare to speak comforting words, they only said: “If a person dies, that person cannot come back to life. Wangfei, you can cry.” After that, they silently served Lin Chujiu to bathe and changed clothes.

Lin Chujiu’s mourning clothes were immediately made by Feicui and the Embroidery Mama as soon as they received the news. It was a bit large, but Lin Chujiu didn’t pay attention to it.

And because she needs to rush back to the Meng Family, Lin Chujiu didn’t wash her hair. Zhenzhu pulled up Lin Chujiu’s hair into a bun and put a white flower hairpin.

After cleaning up, Feicui saw Lin Chujiu in a daze and still not getting up. She tried to  remind her: “Wangfei, it’s done.”

Lin Chujiu was in a very low spirit. She only came back to her senses when she heard Feicui’s words. She didn’t look at herself in the mirror, she just stood up and went out… …

The dress was a bit big, so Lin Chujiu looked thin and weak. Coupled with her fragile and helpless appearance, people couldn’t help but want to protect her.

With a natural engraved white hibiscus flower, Lin Chujiu, who was wearing a white dress looked particularly very beautiful. Unlike her usual dignified and elegant appearance, this time, Lin Chujiu looked very lovely, but… …


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