Chapter 413: Trouble, kill the mastermind (Part 2)

“In the end, because of this subordinate incompetence, this subordinate failed to meet his highness expectation. Huangshang, please punish this subordinate.”

People who can enter the emperor’s eyes were not stupid. The leader-in-charge knows very clear what to say in front of the emperor to give himself some benefits.

With this, it can be said that the emperor shouldn’t blame them for this defeat. After all, the emperor shouldn’t compare ordinary people like them to those masters above the sky.

It would be amazing if they will be able to complete this task against the master of Shadow Moon Tower.

Although his words have obvious intentions, the emperor knows that his men will not dare to lie about things like this.

Thinking of the event last night, the emperor couldn’t help but believe his people’s words by three points. “No wonder the Southern Princess suddenly got sick in the middle of the night and ask Xiao Wangfei to come to her courtyard to be treated.” Originally, she wanted Lin Chujiu to be a hostage.

“In Zhen’s east imperial capital, random messages can be passed at will. The southern country really has an amazing ability.” The emperor suspected that it was the Tiancang Pavilion that helps the southern people to pass news. Otherwise, how can Nannuo Yao, who was in the capital received news from outside the capital?

“Go, invite the special envoy to Tiancang Pavilion in the palace!” The emperor was really angry this time. The arrogant behavior of Tiancang Pavilion and Southern people undoubtedly a slap in his face.

Some things, he can compromise, but not this. If he won’t seek fairness in this matter, then the Tiancang Pavilion and Southern people might deceive him again in the future, right?

“This subordinate will obey.” When the leader-in-charge heard those words, he sighed inside his heart. He knows that this matter was over!

Moreover, he also helped the Devil Palace a favor, letting Demon Lord owe him a favor.


How will the emperor deal with the Tiancang Pavilion and the Shadow Moon Tower? Demon Lord doesn’t care. It will depend on the emperor’s mood. He can’t clean up the Tiancang Pavilion and Shadow Moon Tower. At most, he will make the Tiancang Pavilion and Shadow Moon Tower do him a favor and give him some profit.

This is the emperor. For the sake of superficial stability and peace, he can give in and compromise. Although he has a bottom line, as long as he fell in a tight situation, he will give in.

Regarding the emperor’s method of doing things, Demon Lord refused to comment. As long as he exists, the east country will not fall.

“Is Lin Chujiu okay?” Compared with the emperor, Demon Lord was more concerned about Lin Chujiu.

Su Cha couldn’t help but rolled his eyes. “Wouldn’t it be better to see Wangfei know if she’s okay? You can comfort Wangfei at the same time.”

“Go to see her? Which face?” Demon Lord touched his mask: “Lin Chujiu doesn’t like this face, but if it’s this face… …”

Demon Lord removed his mask, and the handsome face of Xiao Tianyao was revealed: “How am I going to explain to her?” He always had a reason to go to her door. If he goes this time without reason, won’t Lin Chujiu think that he is crazy?

“Why do you need to explain?” Su Cha can’t understand it: “Just say you heard Meng Laofuren died, so you came back to accompany her.”

With this touching statement, Lin Chujiu’s heart will definitely be moved.

But… …

“No!” Xiao Tianyao refused without thinking about it.

If Lin Chujiu knew that he had come back because he was worried about her, he might not be able to show his face in the future…

This reason cannot be said!

“Moreover, Lin Chujiu will not believe it.” If he will become her, he will also not believe that Xiao Tianyao will leave an important business for a woman.. …



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  1. Demon Lord is so unrestrained and outrageous, he can go even if LCJ does not like him. If he angers her enough, she may grieve less. Isn’t that how he thinks?

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