Chapter 440: Good news, conspiracy (Part 2)

The emperor decided to summon the Dali Temple Officer first and sent Lin Chujiu to the partial hall.

The Dali Temple Officer rushed into the palace and said only one thing: The assassin who tried to assassinate Princess Fushou Zhang was arrested. The assassin was the top assassin in Shadow Moon Tower, Jing Chi.

The reason why he took the initiative to charge against the princess, was because Princess Fushou Zhang tied Tang Tang. Jing Chi went to save his brother Tang Tang and accidentally wounder the princess.

When the emperor heard of this, he almost vomited blood: “The assassin is Shadow Moon Tower’s people? Didn’t you check it out before?

“This lowly official, this lowly official doesn’t know.” The Dali Temple Officer said with full of fright.

“Did Fushou Zhang tied the people first?” The emperor asked another question, but this time the Dali Temple Officer didn’t dare to say no. He just lowered his head and said nothing. When the emperor saw this, he finally understood.

“Get out!” The emperor said with a gloomy face. The Dali Temple Officer sighed and run outside.

The eunuch, who came to escort Lin Chujiu, came back to report and witnessed this scene.

The emperor seemed to be angry, so he didn’t dare to come in.

“Someone come, ask Commander Li to present himself.” The emperor remembered that Commander Li assured him that the assassin was Xiao Wangfu’s people, so he wanted to kill him.

Such a good opportunity, but instead of punishing Lin Chujiu, he needed to comfort her.

Commander Li arrived quickly. He also knew what happened in the Dali Temple. He just needs to grit his teeth and say that Jing Chi and Tang Tang doing this intentionally.

“Huangshang, those two are definitely Xiao Wangfu’s people. When they killed people in the northern territory, it was Xiao Wangfu who sent people to redeemed them. After they entered the capital, Xiao Wangfu was about to receive them. That man named Jing Chi, he was on his way to Xiao Wangfu before he went out of the capital.”

“So, are you saying that Xiao Wangfu and the Shadow Moon Tower join forces to deceive me?” The emperor laughed in anger.

He doesn’t think that Shadow Moon Tower will make such a big sacrifice for Xiao Wangfu. Xiao Tianyao has no ability to make the Shadow Moon Tower follow him.

The Shadow Moon Tower went forward and proved that the two were their people.

“Huangshang, the confession of those two is too timely. It must be Xiao Wangfei’s trick.” Commander Li couldn’t refute, so he only put the blame on Lin Chujiu’s head.

After yesterday’s incident, Lin Chujiu’s insidious and viciousness became obvious to all.

“Stupid, it was all your fault for not finding the real identity of those two people and then sending a large-scale of people to search Xiao Wangfu. What can you do even if this is part of Lin Chujiu’s trick?” How will the emperor not know that this was arranged by Lin Chujiu? Can he expose her?

The war report was not fake, but timely sent at this moment. He knew someone was controlling it.

What more, the identity of those two was not fake. They acted at once without even looking into it. So who is to blame?

When Commander Li heard of those words, he knew it would be useless to argue. He slammed his head on the floor and said: “This lowly one is guilty of sin, please punish me, your majesty.”

“You really deserve to be punished, if zhen will not punish you, how am I going to comfort Xiao Wangfei?” When the emperor saw Commander Li volunteering to plead guilty, the anger in his heart faded a bit.

Although Commander Li was eager to get benefits, he knew the importance of keeping a good relationship. If the emperor will not punish him, Xiao Wangfu will not be content… …

“For breaking in Xiao Wangfu and spreading false rumors, zhen will remove you from your post send you to the northwest.” The emperor pushed all the mistakes to Commander Li. However, Commander Li didn’t think too much about it: “This lowly one thank the emperor.”

Commander Li knew very clear that as long as the emperor didn’t sentence him to death, he still has a chance… …


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