Chapter 87: Provocation and desperation (Part 2)

“Who are you?” A bold scholar student came forward and asked. Then, he looks at Lin Chujiu with presumptuously. Lin Chujiu didn’t answer. So, Zhenzhu busily approached the bold scholar student and said: “How bold! Who gave you the right to look at straight Princess Xiao and not kneel in front of her!?”

“Princess Xiao?” The bold scholar student asked, then said: “Isn’t Princess Xiao sick? So, how can she come out? And isn’t it in order to take care of her Prince Xiao neglected his responsibility as a government official? Is it a lie?”

The Bold scholar student’s series of questions lead another incitement to the people’s heart. And it echoed up to the people at the back. So, the situation got even worst for Lin Chujiu.

The people become noisy once again. Zhenzhu wanted to open her mouth, but the noise is very loud. Seeing the situation is getting out of control, Lin Chujiu coughs a few times. With that, their attentions got focused to her.

“How dare you to slander this Princess and bully Prince Xiao. Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan diagnosed this princess’s disease. All the citizen in the capital knows about it. Even the Emperor knows that I am physically ill. What will this Princess gain from lying to you?”

Lin Chujiu said to show clearly her dissatisfaction. The Bold scholar student got surprised with her words, so at that moment he doesn’t know how he will answer.

Lin Chujiu arrogantly look at the bold scholar student, but softly said: “You didn’t hesitate to commit treachery. You blocked the Xiao Wangfu’s gate. And earlier, you didn’t even fear to come forward to me. Fine, someone come and bring a chair! This fellow student will check if this princess is truly sick!”

Standing straight has some advantages. But, sitting right through this momentum is more useful. And she won’t get tired.

Near the gate, the people quiet down once again. Though Lin Chujiu can’t tell if the people got scared with her words or the guardsmen that went close to her.

Xiao Wangfu’s guards respond quickly. In the blink of an eye, they brought a chair. Lin Chujiu didn’t look at the chair before she sits, so didn’t notice that she sits on Zhenzhu and Feicui’s hands.

After sitting down, Lin Chujiu seems to hear someone from sighing. But such momentum shouldn’t be wasted. So, she quickly acted like Empress Dowager Ci Xi.

“Now, start talking some more. Earlier, you didn’t get scared to be beheaded just to cause trouble in front of Xiao Wangfu. In the end, for what?” Lin Chujiu said to put all the crime to the people. After she said that, several scholar students felt uneasy.

Earlier, they are so busy so they didn’t even think about it. But now that they had calm down, they realized that what they did was a big crime that can result to be beheaded.

The Bold scholar student immediately said when he saw some of them got shaken: “Princess Xiao, don’t scare us. We’re not here to offend Prince Xiao. We are here to plead for the commoners.”

“Plead for the commoners?” Lin Chujiu’s said with her clear and sweet voice, but there was a trace of riducule: “This daren is? What should I call you?”

The Bold Scholar student’s face slightly changes in color. But, the other scholar students find Lin Chujiu’s words impolite. So, their face showed an indignation. However, Lin Chujiu didn’t put them in her eyes.

He is not a prince, nor Xiao Tianyao. So, she doesn’t need to be so courteous.

The Bold scholar student proudly said: “This scholar student’s name is Liu Yongsheng. I passed the Imperial Examination three years ago.”

“Scholar Liu, since you successfully passed the exam. Then, you should know what is the right thing to do when you see a princess right? And if by chance you failed to do the right thing, what crime did you commit?” Lin Chujiu said calmly while putting her hands on the side rails. But the meaning of her words is not polite.

Catch the bandit to catch the ringleader. However, this Scholar Liu Yongsheng is obviously the ringleader. So, as long as he will back off, the rest will be easier… …

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