Chapter 158: Punish and Cannot defy the citizens (Part 1)

Right after the emperor received Tiancang Pavillion’s news, he immediately made a careful arrangement. But, who would have thought, that Xiao Tianyao would be this shameless and expose those evidence in this way.

After the emperor received the news, he got furious and immediately sent people to suppress Xiao Tianyao’s plan, but he was too late. Once things got exposed, no matter how much you wanted to erase it, it won’t be easy anymore.

After an hour, the emperor’s people had collected all the papers that Xiao Tianyao has spread. But, they cannot erase the people’s memory and made them turn a blind eye to it.

The Chief of Investigation returns to the palace, once he made sure that no evidence could be seen in the capital anymore. But, as for the other places, they don’t have enough time to collect it.

Looking at the big file of crimes of his people, the emperor’s face becomes as black as the pot’s bottom: “This is all my loyal palace ministers? You all really gave me a good face.”

No fish can survive if the water is too clean. The emperor naturally knows that his people are not clean, but not to this extent.

“These officials are all sinners.” Left Prime Minister Lin Xiang and Right Prime Minister You said and kneel in front of the emperor.

Left Prime Minister Lin Xiang and Right Prime Minister You didn’t make any mistakes, but because their servant and family member were guilty, they cannot help but also plea.

Aside from family member, Right Prime Minister You‘s young granddaughter was badly soiled by Provincial Governor Jiu Men. So, to make his image good, he wanted to ask the emperor to strictly prosecute him.

Originally, for the sake of his family’s image, Right Prime Minister You doesn’t want to admit the cheap young lady was his granddaughter. But, to avoid people cursing right in front their door, he no longer denied it.

And after recognizing her, naturally, he must seek justice!

“Huangshang, for this old official’s sake, please severely punish Provincial Governor Jiu Men.” Right Prime Minister You burst into tears. He is very old but he cried like a child. So, even though the emperor was very angry, he couldn’t turn a blind eye.

Seeing Right Prime Minister You crying like there’s no tomorrow, the other palace ministers understood his intention, so they also follow and beg. To solidify and escape this disastrous incident, the emperor must show his power.

The other palace ministers were also guilty, but because their misdemeanors were not severe. They demanded to the emperor to severely punish General Jiu Mei.

These palace ministers really know who to punish and not. Princess Fushou Zhang and General Zhen Yuan were also guilty of their crimes, but to put away the emperor’s anger, they turn a blind eye to it. But, will the other people involve and the citizens also do the same?

Originally, the emperor summoned these palace ministers to solve an immediate problem. But, who would have thought that these palace ministers will seek justice and focus on a subject that he doesn’t have… … any care!

Right Prime Minister You haven’t attain justice, but a eunuch suddenly came and reported that Princess Fushou Zhang came to the palace crying and keep saying that she couldn’t live away with her husband, Prince Hou.

Princess Fushou Zhang has never lived apart with Prince Hou. And although she was arrogant and insolent, Prince Hou has no other choice but tolerate her. However, now that she made a mistake, Prince Hou can now divorce her.

Princess Fushou Zhang keeping toy-boys in her courtyard is not a secret. After all, she was living with her in-laws, so how come they wouldn’t know? However, outsiders don’t know this secret, so her face was kept clean. 

But now that Xiao Tianyao exposed her secret, who’s Prince will still tolerate her? No one ah.

Princess Fushou Zhang’s husband is not an ordinary person. He is Northwest Viscount Hou’s legitimate son. The First Emperor originally wanted to win Northwest Viscount Hou, but he could only make his youngest son as his son-in-law.

Northwest Viscount Hou’s legitimate son also know that this marriage is nothing but a political marriage. So, even if he was very dissatisfied with Princess Fushou Zhang, all he could do is give her a face. However, now that her secret was exposed, he no longer wanted to tolerate her and just want to keep his face. 

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