Chapter 433: Sentencing, will kill (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu’s words put Commander Li into a dilemma.

Search or not?

If they search, they will be dead.

If they don’t search, how can they return to the palace?

While Commander Li analyzing the pros and cons, Lin Chujiu once again opened her mouth and shamelessly said: “I will give you a column stick of incense to make a decision. If you still didn’t search at that time, I will have to send you out of Xiao Wangfu.”

After saying those words, regardless of what Commander Li thought, Lin Chujiu let Housekeeper Cao put a column stick of incense: “Commander Li, pay attention to it closely, so that later on, you will not say I cheated you.”

Lin Chujiu’s words were directed to Commander Li, but her eyes were staring at Hu Weichuan from the Northern Territory.

Lin Chujiu was not the kind of person who believes in coincidence. This person named Hu Weichuan appeared too coincidentally. And witnessed things too coincidentally. What’s more, he knew what happened to Futai’s son from the Northern Territory.

To say that Hu Weichuan was not chasing after Jing Chi and his younger brother, Lin Chujiu will not believe it.

However, this matter has nothing to do with her. The assassin was hired by them for business and not their actual people. She believed that there is no need for her to get involved in this.

When the incense was ignited, Lin Chujiu picked up her teacup again and sipped the tea slowly.

The tea was slightly cold and bitter, but Lin Chujiu didn’t care. She doesn’t know how to appreciate the taste of tea.

She was relaxing, while Commander Li was suffering.

Commander Li originally wanted to send someone back into the palace to ask the emperor about what he should do. But by then, Lin Chujiu’s stick of incense will be finished, so Commander Li no longer dares to send someone.

The plaque of Xiao Wangfu was given by the first emperor. If they purposely ignored it, the two factions will have to fight, the very first people will suffer will be them.

What to do? What should I do?

Commander Li was regretting a lot at this moment, if he knew things will be like this, he will not pick up this task.

Sure enough, any task related to Xiao Wangfu was not easy. Although it will bring great achievements, no one ever succeeds in those tasks.

A column stick of incense was not so short, but the wind kept blowing, soon enough, only a little length of a finger was left. Housekeeper Cao kindly reminded Commander Li: “Commander Li, the incense is almost burned, if you still don’t make a decision, it will be too late.”

Commander Li looked up and stared at the column stick of incense. The incense burner reflected in his eyes and also the uneasiness he felt.

*Puff* Lin Chujiu laughed, put down the teacup, and stood up, then said: “Commander Li, do you want to search or not? If you don’t want to search, then go out. I don’t have much time to play with you.”

“I…” Commander Li turned his head to look at Lin Chujiu. Seeing Lin Chujiu’s calmness and self-confidence, Commander Li became reluctant inside his heart. But when he remembered the emperor’s order, he didn’t dare to step back.

Commander Li kept repeating inside his heart: Xiao Wangfei was only acting.

Xiao Wangye was not in the capital, Xiao Wangfei was only a woman so what can she do? Perhaps she’s afraid of blood, and so she has no courage to kill the imperial guards. And where will she get the courage to kill the imperial guards? Isn’t she afraid to make the emperor angry?

Yes, it must be like this. Xiao Wangfei must be scared of him, and she actually doesn’t dare to kill anyone!

With such thought in mind, Commander Li gradually calmed down. He secretly took a breath, calmed his mind, and looked at Lin Chujiu. He gritted his teeth and said: “Search!”

Lin Chujiu raised an eyebrow, it was a bit unexpected, but there was nothing wrong with it. So she said: “Housekeeper Cao, inform the people inside to cooperate with Commander Li’s search. An Pu, keep an eye to everyone, don’t let them get away.”

Lin Chujiu once again hinted that she will kill them.


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