Chapter 66: Real or fake and reporting back to the palace (Part 1)

Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu didn’t ask anything so Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan no longer say a word. So, even though Housekeeper Cao and the Emperor’s personal eunuch wanted to know his diagnosis, they can only watch in tears while Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan is writing his prescription because they are lacking in courage to ask.

“Send Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan outside.” Xiao Tianyao said, so Housekeeper Cao immediately approached Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan to send him away from the Xiao Wangfu. Housekeeper Cao’s heart was as curious as a cat, but he didn’t dare to show it and just really sent them out. 

After they left, Xiao Tianyao felt very tired, but he saw Lin Chujiu’s face looked a bit pale so he couldn’t help but say: You’ve done well.” The result of her actions are always far better than he expected, that is why he is very reluctant to take someone else as his Wangfei.

For others, it seems he changed but fear not because it’s not for intimate reasons.

“Thank you … …” Lin Chujiu said, but she really couldn’t help but yawned in the middle so she immediately blocked her mouth with her hands.

Her eyes that slightly squint and her lips that opened wide made her looked very stubborn and spoiled like a cat. However, with such action, a person wouldn’t be able to stop himself from wanting to pull her into his arm to cuddle and rub her head many times.

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t really like touching someone else hair, but seeing Lin Chujiu’s fragile and cute appearance, his heart… … somehow really wanted to touch her!

Perhaps, the pressure of events was too much for her. She couldn’t stop from yawning and her eyes got teary because of it. And at that moment, her teary eyes looks very beautiful, but she doesn’t know it herself so she simply continues to say: “Thank you Wangye for the praise.”

Seeing that Lin Chujiu is very different from the rumors, he realized that the Emperor really had sent him a good stuff. So, Xiao Tianyao’s moods turn  good and said: “When Housekeeper Cao came back, tell him to bring you to the treasury so you could pick a few things that you want.” Well, this woman is his wife, so even though the people from the mansion knows that he doesn’t allow her to just do whatever she wants, at least the people from the mansion know when he wasn’t stingy.

“Is that my reward?” Lin Chujiu blinked and a tear falls down from her cheek. Right at that moment, surely a person would really want to come forward and wipe it for her.

“Mmm,” Xiao Tianyao just simply said while looking at the trace of her tear because he doesn’t know what’s wrong with what he said.

“Thank you, Wangye.” Lin Chujiu immediately raise her hand and wipe the tear from her cheek. When she wiped her tear, Xiao Tianyao quite regretted it so he recovers his line of sight, although… …

He really doesn’t know what is actually he is regretting about.

“Ahem… …” Xiao Tianyao slightly cough, he doesn’t know how he will divert his thoughts so he just seriously said: “To keep yourself healthy, you don’t need to meet any guests starting tomorrow.” Now that his goal has been reached, Lin Chujiu no longer need to continue her hard work because he’s afraid that if she really dies, he won’t be able to find someone like her.

“Oh … …” Lin Chujiu secretly felt relieved.

Finally, she no longer needs to “meet the guests”. After all, right around this time, she felt her cheeks were very stiff because of too much smiling just to cope up those noble women. And tonight, she felt so tired and dizzy so she really doesn’t have much energy to deal with Xiao Tianyao. 

The dark circles under her eyes are now very obvious, so it means she doesn’t have any good rest recently. And because of that Xiao Tianyao no longer want to stay and just left after saying: “Have a good rest.” However, saying those words before leaving only made Lin Chujiu stupid and stunned in the chair for a long time.

“Did Wangye just show his care for me?” Is the sun now rising into the west and set in the east?

No, no, it should be, does the moon now coming out during the day, right?

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  1. It’s actually possible for the moon to be out during the day… it’s not THAT rare. Certainly not as hard as the sun rising from the west.

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